Why .tk?

Why .tk?

I’ve been asked many times over why I chose a .tk domain name instead of a .com or a .net… truthfully, when I first created my original website — egcom.tk — waaaay back in…gosh, 2006/2007?…I was still in high school & just wanted something cheap. At the time, .tk was free, & it went towards a good cause, so I hunkered down there! I eventually paid for an upgraded account & have been pleased as punch ever since.

You see, when I first signed up, .tk was hosted on a little server by a little island nation called Tokelau, located off the coast of New Zealand. The peoples there decided that in order to raise awareness of their self-governing island, & to help support it’s economy, they’d host web sites! How clever, right? Truly a geeky idea worth some recognition. Nowadays, they’ve grown quite popular, & have even introduced a “URL shortening” feature, among other things. From their website’s About Page:

The Dot TK Registry acknowledges Dot TK can have a big social impact on the lives of the people in Tokelau. The primary goal for both Teletok and the Dot TK Registry is to increase the awareness of Tokelau in the world, establishing relationships with larger corporations who can provide communication, education and medical expertise to the region and directly fund the island of Tokelau with royalty fees paid over domain names sold. This way the Government of Tokelau can grow towards a more financially independent situation.

I am very proud to be a supporter of Tokelau, & hope to continue spreading the word of their fantastic domain service! If you’re interested in learning a bit more check them out by going here, otherwise here’s a short video:


And if you like having a URL shortener around, here’s the link to their browser add-on, letting you turn any URL in to a shortened .tk name (of course, for free!)


Feel free to leave a comment with any questions you may have, too! 😀

— Elise M. Gross

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