Star Trek Sunday : How to Create your own Starship Enterprise PLUS Klingon Bird of Prey

Good afternoon everybody & welcome to our second week of Geek month!! This weeks theme is “Sci-Fi,” or science fiction to all you non-geeks out there!! Did you guys know that today is also Grandparents Day here in the U.S.A.?? Have you all called your Grannies & Pops to wish them a happy Grandparents Day?…
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Butter Beer Friday!!

Do you sense it? I can feel it…! By the pricking of my thumbs, SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES!!! It’s…it’s HORRIBLE! It’s… the first week of school!!!! Ahhh!! Seriously, though, how was everyone’s first week back? (Either yourself or the kiddos?) Well, hopefully today’s post can help lessen the sting (or pricking, rather!) of this…
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There & Back Again: A Seed Cake’s Tale

Seed Cake Recipe & tutorial

So you have a fondness for fantasy? A weakness for wizards? A soft spot for…Smeagol?? Hmm, maybe not, but we do love hobbitses! And being good hobbit lovers, as it were, we also have a soft spot for second breakfast! Today’s posting will be sure to tickle the hairs right off of your toes, &…
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Cute Mouse Necklace Tutorial

Make your own Cute Mouse Necklace Tutorial!

**Please Note: This tutorial assumes you’ve made jewelry before. If you need help learning how to use crimp beads, jump rings, or jewelry tools, I highly recommend checking videos on YouTube! 🙂   A few weeks back my boss’ boss asked me to create a Minnie Mouse jewelry set for his daughter, who had requested…
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Once Upon A Father’s Day

Father’s Day is coming!! Today I decided to put together a Father’s Day card for my Papa! I was inspired by a set of free graphics from somewhere online… (I honestly searched everywhere, but as I looked these up on another computer, I couldn’t even check my search history! I don’t know where these came from– if you know, please let me know! I had to sign up for their newsletter to download them, but I’ve yet to receive a newsletter, too…. )

Here’s a quick rundown of how this episode went: I started with my supplies…


There’s the cute graphics, which I printed on regular computer paper & then cut out (I wish I’d had something thicker, like card stock, but alas…) Then there’s the scrapbook paper (theme: The Once Upon A Time Stack), glue, & a pair of scissors/rotary cutter.

I had made some sketches earlier & put together the front based on those:


After the base, I added the final layers (I love stacking layers…such an effect..!)


I kept the little ribbons separated when I glued them to the back of that mustache graphic, & then curled the ends upward a bit for a 3 dimensional effect. I accidentally made the front a separate piece from the back of the card, but don’t fret!– I fixed it up so it looks intentional! ;D Here’s the inside before my message:


I added a bit of string to the tag graphic to make it look more like, well, a tag!

After message:


And the back of the card:


Gah! I forgot to take an image after I wrote on the back of the card! (I always draw a cute heart & write “MADE WITH LOVE” plus the date. Oh, well..)

Here’s the envelope I made using another piece of scrap booking paper from the Once Upon A Time Stack (I basically free handed & built the envelope around the card itself! Haha!)


And the front of the envelope:


Overall, I’m very pleased! :3 I hope he loves it!!

Until tomorrow,