Geek Month 2015: Babylon 5

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Geek Month 2015!! Three years of geeking out over random sh*t! Wooooo! xD

It’s GEEK MONTH 2015!! You know what that means…. a new, geeky post EVERY SINGLE DAY throughout the month of September!! Check back every day for exciting things!

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Welcome, welcome, one & all! As y’all know, it’s our 3rd year celebrating Geek Month here at CheekyGeeks, & I decided we’re gonna do something a little different! Normally, each week has a theme, & I’ll post something new & exciting like a DIY or a Treasury collection based on said theme. Usually, there’s guest bloggers & other special guests, too. However, due to all the craziness going on this year, plus an insatiable itch to design, we’re going to celebrate with a different geeky design EVERY. FLIPPIN. DAY.


I’ve got to admit, I’m pretty darn excited. I thought about doing a theme for each week but nixed that & went straight for a mash-up! Every day I’ll post a fabulous design by mua of a geeky quote — whether that’s a quote from a geek or a geeky thing is a surprise! xD The images will be small on the post, but you’ll be able to click them to open them separately & then you can print them out & frame ’em, right click>save as to make it a super sexy wallpaper…whatever you desire! (Of course, no selling the images, no using them as your own, &c.)

Today I’ve selected a quote from Babylon 5, a show highly recommended to me by a colleague. The quotes from this show are pretty existential & deep — I was very surprised! This one is one of my favourites thus far. <3



Pretty spiffy for something I made on my phone, right? xD Bwahaha!!
So what do y’all think? You excited for this month?! Don’t forget to pop by Ware’s the Vodka to celebrate all things Sevitember!! 😀

Do you have a geeky quote you’d love to see immortalized? Share with me in the comments!



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