CheekyGeeks Board Game: A Series of Tubes!!

We’ve got something suuuuuper cool for you guys!!! Jeremy Kerns, the ever-amazing-artist & creator of Timid Studios, has created a unique board game just for Game Week as we celebrate Geek Month!! I’ve also got a little bit of sad news but I’ll post about that at the bottom — for now, let’s check out…
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The Return to the Geek’o’sphere

Good afternoon, blogosphere!! Missed me much? xD
Sorry for the lack of updates — it’s been hectic since we found out we’re moving out of our apartment & in to our new HOUSE! Woo! My sweet, darling Mother got a new job waaaay up in Washington state, & while we’ll miss her dearly here in Texas, we’re very happy for her!! Since she’ll not be taking her house with her, we’ll be renting it from her & helping to fix it up! So with all the packing, helping my Mum pack, cleaning out the storage unit, prepping for the garage sale… I’ve hardly had a moment to take a breath!

In case you forgot what it looks like, here's the badge!

In case you forgot what it looks like, here’s the badge!

Not to mention, next month is our second annual Geek Month celebration! Of course we’ll be doing it up in style. ;D We’ve got loads of goodies for y’all, & lots of geeky goodness abound. So far, we’ve got the wonderful Sevi from Ware’s the Vodka returning, plus the oh-so-talented Jeremy Kerns of Timid Studios, & the internet will witness the triumphant return of Mr. Cory “Cash Money” Bowers with our staple “Whovian Wednesday” posts! Huzzah!

So loads of fun things coming your way. Stay tuned!!

— Elise M. Gross

P.S. I used to post articles to the now defunct Yahoo Voices. Since they’re shutting it down, the rights to my work have returned entirely to me. I’ll be cleaning them up & posting them on this blog. Tomorrow will be the first one, a slightly-out-of-date article, yet still fun– “5 Unique Valentine’s Day Ideas for Singles and Couples.” After that, look out for “Baking at High Altitudes!” Wooo!



Star Trek Sunday : How to Create your own Starship Enterprise PLUS Klingon Bird of Prey

Good afternoon everybody & welcome to our second week of Geek month!! This weeks theme is “Sci-Fi,” or science fiction to all you non-geeks out there!! Did you guys know that today is also Grandparents Day here in the U.S.A.?? Have you all called your Grannies & Pops to wish them a happy Grandparents Day?…
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Whovian Wednesday : Fantasty Week

Now I’m sure you’re all wondering how on Earth everyone’s favourite Doctor fits in with Fantasy Week — Geek Month, sure, but fantasy? Surely, you must think me mad. But wait! Most of you die-hard fans know that the newest Doctor’s (9, 10 & 11) are not the only Doctors to have existed. There were…
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Countdown to Geek Month

Good glorious Friday, everyone!! 😀 It’s been crazy hectic this week as we prepare to launch the first week of GEEK MONTH here at CheekyGeeks! There are post-it notes all OVER the house with ideas, DIYs strewn about like a ‘nader ran through here, & the camera is so full it’s bursting at the seams…
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