Geek Month 2015: Final Fantasy VII

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Geek Month 2015!! Three years of geeking out over random sh*t! Wooooo! xD

It’s GEEK MONTH 2015!! You know what that means…. a new, geeky post EVERY SINGLE DAY throughout the month of September!! Check back every day for exciting things!

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To waste time or procrastinate.
Fail to act resolutely or decisively; indecisive

Today I’ve selected one of my favourite quotes from FF: Advent Children (the sequel movie to FFVII, the game!) It’s simple, yet meaningful. Haven’t seen the movie? Here’s a little compilation:

Again, it’s a silly saying, just to let someone know they just need to get on with it, already!! GOSH, Napoleon!!!
[cough] In all seriousness, when I catch myself procrastinating, or making excuses to avoid doing something, I hear a voice in my head saying this, & I know I just gotta git to it! I’ve made it in two formats for you, one for printing & hanging vertically, or one for saving to your desktop as a wall paper or printing if you prefer horizontal. <3 Hooray!


I looooove this one sooooo, so, so much! What do y’all think?
Any ideas for a quote you’d like to see?