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What is Geek Month? Geek Month was started in 2013 as a way to celebrate all things wonderful & “geeky”. There’s been a lot of dispute over what is or isn’t “geek” or who is or isn’t “geek”… here, our purpose is to embrace all geeks, of all kinds, from all walks of life. I don’t care if you’re a music geek, sewing geek, crafter, Nintendork, Band nerd, comic book collector, gamer, computer specialist…whatever you are, if you have a passion that you “geek out” over (even rock collecting can be cool) we want to celebrate you.

In short, we all have a wide variety of interests, but we all have those few interests that we just know inside & out. You may not self-identify as a “geek” but you don’t need to! We want to celebrate each other’s passions, not be some sort of “elite club”…!

In case you forgot what it looks like, here's the badge!

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   Each Week is Themed, yo! Each year during our Geek Month celebration, every week has a theme. Each year we strive to make it different from the last. We have guest bloggers who join us, each bringing their own passions and perspectives to the Geek celebration. From comics, to reviews, to DIYs & baking…our goal is to ultimately have something for every geek out there. Join in, give suggestions on what you want to see, & let’s make this one helluva party!! 😀




     Geeking Out Through the Years:

 ░ 2013 ░





1st Annual Geek Month Celebration Ends


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