Free Games!!

If you’ve followed along during our past few Geek Month celebrations, you may have noticed that we’ve had some FREE GAMES for you guys to play!! This page is dedicated to collecting them all in to one space for you to check out, print out, & play!

.:Board Games:.


seriesofTubesBoardA Series of Tubes :

Created by the ever fabulously talented Jeremy Kerns of Timid Studios, this custom, printable board game has a random card generator to go with it, located at it’s new page here.

It comes with a basic set of rules, but you can read more about our alternate rules set/game play that we came up with on the original post page. It was an insane amount of fun, & we’ve played it many times over since!


.:Video Games:.



Retro-Pixelz: A CheekyGeeks Video Game (browser based):

Oh noes!! Elise (that’s ME!) has been pixel-ized & sent to a strange new world! Help me battle my way through 5 lands of strange terror all the way to the EVIL BADDIE!! Help me!!

Read the original post HERE….
…or PLAY THE GAME in your browser now!

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