May the 4th, 2015

Happy Star Wars Day!! And May the 4th be ever in your favour…!! Wait a minute…

I was going to make some super cute Star Wars themed treats this weekend just for the occasion, but have been stuck in bed sick since Thursday. 🙁 So, to fill the metaphorical hole in my geeky little heart, I’ve taken to the interwebs to find some coolest Star Wars projects around that we can all do! (Muffled sob — It’ll be okay, okay..!)

1. Stormtrooper Milk Jug Helmet @filthwizardry

2. Star Wars Endor Terrarium @Creo

3. Wooden Star Wars Bracelet @fizzypops

4. Princess Leia Necklace @doodlecraftblog

5. DIY Recycled Droids @fortheboys

6. Death Star Piñata @east oastmommyblog
Bonus Stuff!! You know I can’t resist extra goodies!! There were so many awesome DIY’s and projects folks have created in the name of the Force, so here’s a few extra things to check out! 


my jedi quiet book from Julie’s Blog


Jedi Quiet Book

It’s not an actual DIY, per se, but this is an awesome concept that you could always try to make for your own little Padawan..!


Star Wars Printable DIY Tous from Squatties

Squatties-Wars Printables

Slightly DIY because you gotta cut ’em out & paste them yourself, plus loads of Star Wars goodness! (Extra bonus: they’ve got way more than just Star Wars!)


PARTY ON DARTH! Party on …Wayne. 😐

May the 4th Be With You PARTY BLOG!

Yes, it’s a blog filled with ideas for May the 4th. WHY DID I JUST FIND OUT ABOUT THIS?!

Star Wars Weddings

I love Offbeat Bride, & a friend sent me this link today — for obvious reasons!! I wonder if I can convince Mr. Handsome to go along with any of these ideas…? xD

So what crazy things have y’all seen or tried for this most spectacular of holidays?? I’m thinking of doing a Star Wars themed party for my birthday in a couple of weeks, myself… ;D


— Elise M. Gross


Keep Calm & Carry….YODA?!

Hello everyone… I’ll be honest, today started off pretty great, but it went to crap pretty quickly. Long story short, I’m getting charged fees when I was told I wouldn’t be, but because I didn’t “get it in writing,” the lady I had spoken with earlier last week says she “doesn’t really remember” our conversation….
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