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Hooray! It’s time for my 3rd favourite holiday EVER! (That’s 3rd behind my birthday, & Christmas, in that order.) 😀 The United States Independence Day!! Woo-hoo! If you don’t know me very well, there are two things you can usually catch me humming: Christmas songs & patriotic tunes! I love fireworks, grilling, & the red,…
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Throwback Thursday : Retro-themed craft round-up!

After endless hours of scouring the interwebs, pinning, laughing, & “O.M.G!”s, I have finally achieved the ultimate victory… the perfect collection of rad-retro, gleefully-geeky DIY’s & tutorials!! For lumpin’ sake, guys, it took me, liek, forever..! (it feels) NOW, I bring to you: 9 TOTALLY RAD & GEEKY DIY’s! These are some of my favourites,…
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