Microblog Monday: Art Nouveau and Robots 

Whilst covering reception last week, & during slow moments (which are few & far between now) I started working some ideas out. I’m quite interested in developing my style using the art nouveau influence, & I want to include, of course, robots. 

To help get a feel for this style I had done a lot of research on Mucha (who basically created the style, so really we could call it Mucha’s Style) & studied images online from his posters & other art. I determined that while I liked the feeling his works embodied, for mine own art I needed to add my own special bit of flair to it. 😉

What I picture in my head is art nouveau meets futuristic androids with a teensy dash of steampunk machinery. 

Thus, I set to work sketching out a frame concept (I thought I had taken photos of the pencil sketching, but it appears I did not…) and started adding a rough of an android figure of sorts. I was going for robot at first, but then decided robot-but-human-looking was what I wanted so I changed to android. And lemme tell you…trying to get my German expressionist style to conform well within art nouveau is…very challenging, to say the least. 😐 I’m working on it. Here’s what I have thus far:  

art nouveau style frame cheekygeeks egcom designs  elise m gross  

art nouveau style frame cheekygeeks egcom designs  elise m gross robot android  

As you can see, I started a rough placement for my droid & started the first of the lettering within the frame. After I work out placement, I’ll ink it all, then plot out colour. At that point, I’ll begin work on the painting of this piece. 

Since I can only work on this in my spare time, I don’t presume I’ll have this finished anytime soon, but who knows? 😉 What do you guys think of it so far?


— Elise M. Gross 



Robot Sketch Tuesday

Last night I had an over-whelming urge to draw…of course, I started sketching out little robots, just trying to hash out some ideas for my book. What I ended up with was a strange compilation of robots that were eerily reminiscent of early 90’s cartoons..! For some reason, I kept humming the theme song to Rocko’s Modern Life while drawing, too….that may have played a small part…! xD

Here’s some of the cuties I came up with:

Everyone I’ve shown these to so far seems to be a fan of the Catbot… 😐

After I finished the little boom box bot, the page was mostly full. I took a look around the room for some inspiration, when what should my eye land upon…? A book about our wonderful 7th President, Andrew Jackson! (He is a particular favourite of mine, outside of the simply awful stuff he was involved with.) I was inspired to make him in to a bot for my book. Not just any old bot, mind you!! — a POTUSBOT. (My own creation, thank-you-very-much!)

*ehem* (announcer voice) As you are all no doubt aware, in the future world of Amerobotica, we have gone through many a poor POTUSBOT. For some reason they just keep having the *worst* luck!! And poor #7 encountered his end…BY SQUID.

Work in progress shot.

Finished inking. I’d like to colour him, as well, so I’m still going to count this as a work in progress. ;3

What do you guys think? Any robot ideas you’d like to see me sketch?


— Elise M. Gross



TONIGHT’S CLOSED CAPTIONING BROUGHT TO YOU BY GLaDOS, WHOM YOU SHOULD FEAR ALWAYS, WHETHER OR NOT THE CAKE IS A LIE: “Does everybody know what time it is??” [crowd shouts] “WHO TIME!” “Thaaat’s right! And here’s your host, Cory, our WHO man, Booweeeerrss!!!” [cheers & applause erupt in our studio audience.] “The Caretaker” airs on…
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b3Ep!! BzZttt! Prepare…for…r0b0t w33k!

WELCOME TO -bzzt!!- CHEEKY. GEEKS. NNN-BL0000000G!! -cracklez-




Robot week movie theatre theater poster week of the robots does not compute warning cheekygeeks timid studios the garage comics jeremy kerns elise m gross


Robots and cyborgs and drones!! OH MY!
What a bang-up week we have in store for y’all — ooooooh, I just cannot wait! and isn’t the garage web comic jeremy kerns timid studiosthat poster just TOO COOL?! The ever talented Jeremy Kerns of the always amusing Timid Studios strikes another home run..! 😀
(Seriously, have I mentioned yet how incredibly lucky I feel that he does so much for us?!)


I’ve been having so much fun this month with these super-fun themed weeks, & anyone who knows aaaanything knows how much I just adore our future skynet overlords robots! 😀 I’m going to change up tomorrow’s theme a bit, however, since technically I’ve already made a super kick-@$$ r0b0t themed Treasury Tuesday before.

If you think that wicked-awesome movie style poster above is awesome, by the way, you’ll love this little r0b0t week promo video I commissioned a video guru to make…!



Oh, man, I am just tickled pink by that!! xD Hoo-hoo-hooo!!! 

So, since I already showed you guys my awesome r0b0t Treasury Tuesday todaaaay (it’s one of my favourites, even still), I’ll be treating you all to a very fun learnin’s tomorrow. 😀

girUntil then, tell me your favourite robot from “history”, real or fictional!! I’m quite partial to GiR (from Invader Zim), personally… :3 …hmm, I suppose that might tell you something about me…oh, well. :\ 😀

gir invader zim robot week geek month cheekygeeks geek geeky fave favourite gir invader zim robot week geek month cheekygeeks geek geeky fave favourite gir invader zim robot week geek month cheekygeeks geek geeky fave favourite gir invader zim robot week geek month cheekygeeks geek geeky fave favourite gir invader zim robot week geek month cheekygeeks geek geeky fave favourite


— Elise M. Gross