Thoughtful Thursday: IN SPACE!!

Weeeell… SPACE….it really *is* just…so big..!! :0 Have you ever seen an image of space & had your breath taken away? Images from the universe draw the eye of young & old alike due to the beauty & awe-inspiring smallness one feels from the recognition that we are but tiny specks of dust in this great…
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Last Post on Texas Women Bloggers & GEEK MONTH!

Good Monday everyone! Today is my last post on Texas Women Bloggers, so it’s a little sad, but it’s also a fun tutorial on how to make your own ribbon & pearl bracelet, so it’s also quite exciting! Here’s a snippet, feel free to have a looksie here for the whole tutorial! …I don’t know…
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Learning to Bloom Where You are Planted!

Hey everybody! 😀 Today is my 2nd post for Texas Women Bloggers following today’s theme: Learning to Bloom Where You are Planted. It has a lot of pictures, but I also show off some cute little planter tags for my different plants!! Soooo cuuute!! Here’s a little snippet from the beginning of it; follow this link to read the rest!!

Good Monday everyone! I know that if you’re like me, y’all dread those Monday blues, so I figured that I could do something bright & cheery with this month’s theme — “Learning to Bloom Where You Are Planted” — in order to get myself pumped up!! Woo! So I busted out my iPad & opened the Paper app to create a little motivational graphic! Here it is:


Okay, so the artist/nit-picker in me knows that sun should be a tad more to the left, but it’s okay!! We’re learning to work with what we’ve got, right? ;D I hope you’re all ready to take on your days after that cheery little pick-me-up!
This week I’ve decided to share with you a little story about something literally blooming where planted: my aloe plants!! I’ve named them Bill & Ted…