Freebie Friday: Chalkboard Backgrounds!

free chalkboard background download from cheekygeeks blog freebie friday

I love working with blackboards lately, whether for real or digitally. When I work digitally, though, I don’t want any of those low-resolution clip art freebies that seem to be all over the place now, so I just made a mess of my own board & photographed it for a higher resolution background! (Hey, I may be late to the bandwagon, but I’m still gonna be high quality!)

Feel free to use these as you please; print them out for scrapbooking, make digital art, whatever! All I ask is that you do not include these as any part of package that you’re giving away or the like, so basically no giving them out as if they’re your own. Help keep the craft & blogging communities free of drama! Just point folks to this page where they can download their own.

Of course, if you use these to make anything, I would LOVE it if you shared that work with me! It’s neat seeing the resources I provide being used for so many wonderful projects!

Here are the freebies, with more details below!

free chalkboard background download from cheekygeeks blog free chalkboard background download from cheekygeeks blog

free chalkboard background download from cheekygeeks blog free chalkboard background download from cheekygeeks blog  free chalkboard background download from cheekygeeks blog

These bad boys will be around 1600×2000 pixels each or 8″x10″. I made them to fit A4 paper with a bit of wiggle room. If something isn’t showing correctly, or you’re having issues with the resolution, let me know & I’ll get it fixed ASAP. Just click the individual image to open it in a new page, & right click>save as…!

Remember, you can use these for anything, so long as you don’t give them away as-is as if they’re you’re own, & I’d LOVE to see what awesome stuff you guys make with these!! Feel free to share this page with your friends, so they, too, & make awesome stuff!!


— Elise M. Gross


CheekyGeeks Board Game: A Series of Tubes!!

We’ve got something suuuuuper cool for you guys!!! Jeremy Kerns, the ever-amazing-artist & creator of Timid Studios, has created a unique board game just for Game Week as we celebrate Geek Month!! I’ve also got a little bit of sad news but I’ll post about that at the bottom — for now, let’s check out…
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Paper craft rut!

Sorry for the delayed post, folks — I hope you all had a lovely Father’s Day weekend with all your Dads/Pops/Father/Grandpas out there!! We were quite busy here in Texas. 😉 Oh! Has anyone noticed the new banner? I originally put up our newly designed logo for 2 Geeks & a Grandma, but it looked so lonely after the cute little Pachyderm animals left, so I combined them. 😀 Tee-hee!!

I’ve been thinking about starting the scrapbook for me & my beau… we certainly have enough photos (though not as many with me in them, as I’m usually the one photographing.) Of course, if I do that, I’ll probably be busting out the Cricut at one point or another..! I usually cut things by hand & such, but about a year ago my family all pitched in & got me the Cricut Expression (er, I think that’s what it is? I’ll have to check later..!) Here it is in all of it’s glory:


Paper crafting essentials!

(Forgive the filters, that’s from my Instagram account..! Which, by the way, I am considering “re-opening”…thoughts??)

So, in thanks, I made each of the family who’d pitched in a specially-made card, just for them! My favourite one is actually one I made for my Uncle:

I used simple cardstock sheets & scrapbook paper scraps! Cute, right?

I used simple card stock sheets & scrapbook paper scraps! Cute, right?

Isn't the envelop just fab? I felt it really added to the Asian theme of the oragami. :D

Isn’t the envelop just fab? I felt it really added to the Asian theme of the oragami. 😀

The card front (and most of the inside) was created using scrap paper I had lying about (I can’t trash anything…my bane!) & the black was done with a super-fancy (wait for it…!) Sharpie! Haha! We roll high class in hea!

Lately I’ve been really itching to do some more paper crafting, & I’d really like to make some more items with my Cricut (poor thing doesn’t get as used as it ought to!) I’m just not sure what I want to make!! Most of my paper crafts are very large — like some amazing paper bird houses I made a couple of years ago…

Oooh…looks like I had an idea, now! I’ll have to do up a super amazing paper bird house tutorial! Yay!! <3 Oh-oh!! And a journal!! I created some neat designs via the Paper app on my iPad recently…remind me to post them! ;D

What awesome paper crafting ideas do you guys think I should give a shot? It does not have to be done with a Cricut — I’m up for any challenge! I am soooo looking forward to some great ideas!



Once Upon A Father’s Day

Father’s Day is coming!! Today I decided to put together a Father’s Day card for my Papa! I was inspired by a set of free graphics from somewhere online… (I honestly searched everywhere, but as I looked these up on another computer, I couldn’t even check my search history! I don’t know where these came from– if you know, please let me know! I had to sign up for their newsletter to download them, but I’ve yet to receive a newsletter, too…. )

Here’s a quick rundown of how this episode went: I started with my supplies…


There’s the cute graphics, which I printed on regular computer paper & then cut out (I wish I’d had something thicker, like card stock, but alas…) Then there’s the scrapbook paper (theme: The Once Upon A Time Stack), glue, & a pair of scissors/rotary cutter.

I had made some sketches earlier & put together the front based on those:


After the base, I added the final layers (I love stacking layers…such an effect..!)


I kept the little ribbons separated when I glued them to the back of that mustache graphic, & then curled the ends upward a bit for a 3 dimensional effect. I accidentally made the front a separate piece from the back of the card, but don’t fret!– I fixed it up so it looks intentional! ;D Here’s the inside before my message:


I added a bit of string to the tag graphic to make it look more like, well, a tag!

After message:


And the back of the card:


Gah! I forgot to take an image after I wrote on the back of the card! (I always draw a cute heart & write “MADE WITH LOVE” plus the date. Oh, well..)

Here’s the envelope I made using another piece of scrap booking paper from the Once Upon A Time Stack (I basically free handed & built the envelope around the card itself! Haha!)


And the front of the envelope:


Overall, I’m very pleased! :3 I hope he loves it!!

Until tomorrow,