Treasury Tuesday : FANTASY Week on Geek Month!

Merry Tuesdays, everyone! ‘Tis my sincerest hope that thou art filled with excitement to discover many fantastical items created by the best artistsans of thy nobel kingdon, Etsy! As this week in our month long celeration of all things Geek is themed FANTASY, I hath made ever so certain to include a wonderful assortment of…
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There & Back Again: A Seed Cake’s Tale

Seed Cake Recipe & tutorial

So you have a fondness for fantasy? A weakness for wizards? A soft spot for…Smeagol?? Hmm, maybe not, but we do love hobbitses! And being good hobbit lovers, as it were, we also have a soft spot for second breakfast! Today’s posting will be sure to tickle the hairs right off of your toes, &…
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