Treasury Tuesday : FANTASY Week on Geek Month!

Merry Tuesdays, everyone! ‘Tis my sincerest hope that thou art filled with excitement to discover many fantastical items created by the best artistsans of thy nobel kingdon, Etsy! As this week in our month long celeration of all things Geek is themed FANTASY, I hath made ever so certain to include a wonderful assortment of…
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Treasury Tuesday : The Birds & the Bees

Hello & happy Tuesday everyone! I’ve been very bee-sy lately, buzzing about the place in preparation for my next big craft! ;D Hehe! But before we get in to another fanTABulous Treasury Tuesday, I’d like to take a moment to ask YOU — yes YOU!! — what you would think about submitting your own Treasuries to…
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Happy 4th of July!!

As many of you may or may not be aware, tomorrow is the United States’ Independence Day. I’ll be with Boo & his fam, participating in the typical celebrations include barbecuing, being outside, sparklers & fireworks! Ooooh…and swimming!! If I’m able to, I’d like to try my hand at sewing myself a swimsuit tonight, but I doubt I’ll have enough time! 🙁 Well, we will see!

In honour of the celebrations, I wanted to post a picture of one of the NEATEST little accessories EVER:


This is SO. FRIGGIN’. CUTE. My lovely co-worker, owner of Deb’s Silks, made these hair clips for herself & her daughter — I wish she’d made more so I could totally sport one at tomorrow’s festivities!! 🙁 [sobs] Well, I’ll come up with something…

I did make a pretty awesome button, though. Okay, well, I only made the button…the graphic is a cut-out from a magazine that Mrs. Debbie found & gave to me. (She’s awesome like that, always giving me random things to use for projects!)

Here’s my totally rad, patriotic button:


It’s not finished yet, though!! Mrs. Debbie’s hair bows inspired me, so I’ll do something neat to it when I get home tonight.

Oh, drat! I forgot, I planned to bake cookies tonight for tomorrow’s celebration….hmm…guess I’ll make a swimsuit another time, then. Drat. Oh, well. I’ll post pics of my cookies & what I do with the button later tonight or tomorrow for y’all’s viewing pleasure! 😀

Until then, everyone celebrate SAFELY & COURTEOUSLY (no blasting fireworks out of your back yards at 4 a.m.!) Also, make sure to abide by your local laws regarding fireworks. 😉

Peace out! Cheers!!
— Elise M. Gross


Cute Mouse Necklace Tutorial

Make your own Cute Mouse Necklace Tutorial!

**Please Note: This tutorial assumes you’ve made jewelry before. If you need help learning how to use crimp beads, jump rings, or jewelry tools, I highly recommend checking videos on YouTube! 🙂   A few weeks back my boss’ boss asked me to create a Minnie Mouse jewelry set for his daughter, who had requested…
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