Updated BamaLaser graphics

Recently updated the Bamalaser cards! Added some new info for him to include with folks who ordered certain parts, too. Neat!




It’s been crazy busy! Just you wait, this year is getting insane! I’ll be starting a bunch of DIY projects on the house beginning in September.   

Any fun events of the radar? What have y’all done this week??



So proud to be an American

so ashamed of my state, Texas.

I’ve long been a supporter of both religious freedom AND marriage equality. I’m genuinely confused on why some people are getting so vehement about this…its disgusting, to be quite frank.

I won’t get in to it much, but I’ll touch lightly on the topic: Gay Marriage is now called marriage in the USA! Congratulations for equality. Marriage is legal between all consenting adults of the United States, & everyone gets to be happy or miserable as they so choose.

As for religious marriages & their ceremonies, well, that’d be up to the churches/mosques/temples to decide if they want to perform them or not; as is their religious right. No one can force a church to perform a wedding if it violates their religious beliefs, duh. However, in the eyes of the law, even if the church doesn’t accept a couple they can still be married as partners.

So everyone who’s got their panties in a twist needs to calm down. There is a difference. 

And to all the Texans (I’m looking at you, Ted “Call me stupid” Cruz & Greg “Sleezy Jack” Abbot) saying that the fine folks working who issue marriage licenses can turn people away, that’s pretty damn illegal; you’re telling people to choose to be fired and also be sued. Classy.

Again, though…

I never REALLY knew if I’d get to see this day. I swore back in high school to do everything I could to protect basic civil liberties,  and equality! He knows, Mr. Handsome & I swore to not get married until it was fair, & EVERYONE could be married in the USA! I know it will continue to be a battle, but I’m ready! And now, I can focus my efforts further, towards women’s rights! Towards people of all races being truly equal! TO LIBERTY, JUSTICE, & EQUALITY FOR ALL!!
That’s all I have to say about that!




Brandt & Diane’s Wedding 2015

Have I ever mentioned we’re crazy? No, really; my friends & I are insane. As evidence, I submit to you all: a 12+ hour drive from DFW to South Padre Island. (Diane called it a “forced vacation.”) Yeeeeup. It’s alright, though!! As grueling as the drive was, we still had fun. No, really! I’m serious. We…
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