CheekyGeeks Board Game: A Series of Tubes!!

We’ve got something suuuuuper cool for you guys!!! Jeremy Kerns, the ever-amazing-artist & creator of Timid Studios, has created a unique board game just for Game Week as we celebrate Geek Month!! I’ve also got a little bit of sad news but I’ll post about that at the bottom — for now, let’s check out…
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Exodus or Fallout D20

Those of you who know me well (or follow me, I suppose!) know my love of Dungeons & Dragons. Right now I’m involved with 2 separate campaigns — a D&D 3.5 & a Pathfinder one. Previously, I’ve posted links to excellent places to get some wicked sweet character sheets, but sometime this year I’m hoping…
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Freebie Friday – Edgar Allan Poe Quote Facebook Banners

Hello everybody! Have you all had fantastic weeks thus far? Tomorrow is one of my oldest friends birthday celebrations, & it’s mustache themed, so we get to use the mustaches we made last week! Huzzah for multiple-use mustaches!! I certainly have had an interesting week, & to celebrate the beginning of this bound-to-be-wonderful-weekend, I’ve made…
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A Not-so-Whovian Wednesday

Hey guys, it’s been pretty crazy lately. Let me tell you, though: it has not been boring. xD Last Friday was the annual Vendor Fair up where I work, so the weeks before that i was pretty busy making items — primarily soaps — to sell. If it makes you guys feel better, I sold all but 5. 😀 Woo!!

I took photos & will upload later, but my Doctor Who themed soaps sold SO FAST! All the TARDIS one’s & Calek ones were the faves, with the Star Wars one’s taking a close second. Speaking of Star Wars…

Now we’re playing catch-up with bills, & I’m starting the preparations for making Christmas gifts for the fam & friends, along with our awesome decorations for this year (our theme is space…mostly). I’ll start posting tutorials for the various stuff I’m making — plenty of ornaments, that’s for sure. I made a SPECTACULAR ornament for my & Boo’s frst christmas together last year, but Tesla-puppy ate it a few months ago. 🙁 I was soooo heartbroken. I’ll make other, cooler ones this year, though! (Okay…Maybe not as cool, but still cool.)


One of the things I’ve been working on is snowflakes. No, not just boring ol’ regular “unique” snowflakes, either! These are super-amazing-absolutely-freaking-geek-a-licious-snowflakes of dooooom..!! Seriously.

If you know me, you know how much I love Star Wars, so of COURSE I’m making Star Wars themed snowflakes! The one’s I’ve been working on I got over from Matters of Grey, but you can do a quick Google search for “Star Wars snowflakes” and TONS pop up. I’m looking at you, Yoda… after I tackle these first 19. xD


snow-stormtrooper-180x180 Of course, being the chaotic-neutral that I am, I LOVED the Imperial snowflake most, but I gotta say, that Stormtrooper one looks pretty good after I cut it all out. Mind you, now, if you plan on attempting these guys, make sure you’ve got an exacto knife or something along those lines, and an abundant supply of patience. ;P Because, trust me, these will try every last drop of it. I tried multiple folding techniques, from folding half-to-half and then accordion style… they all make for a pretty thick snowflake to cut out, so scissors were pretty much a no-go, other than when getting big, empty chunks out.

In other news… 50th ANNIVERSARY OF DOCTOR WHO ON SATURDAY!! My DVR is set for record, but I won’t get to seeeee ittttt….!!! [laments] Alas, we’ll be out of town, in the middle of nowhere, hunting wild boar and possibly a turkey or two. :'( I’m so sad, but I promised Boo I’d go… [sigh] Well, it’s okay. Maybe I’ll see it in theatres nearby on Monday. 😉 If you go, tell me all about it!!!


I’m out for now, folks!! Looking forward to many fun DIYs!!

— Elise M. Gross