Updated BamaLaser graphics

Recently updated the Bamalaser cards! Added some new info for him to include with folks who ordered certain parts, too. Neat!




It’s been crazy busy! Just you wait, this year is getting insane! I’ll be starting a bunch of DIY projects on the house beginning in September.   

Any fun events of the radar? What have y’all done this week??



Microblog Monday: Art Nouveau and Robots 

Whilst covering reception last week, & during slow moments (which are few & far between now) I started working some ideas out. I’m quite interested in developing my style using the art nouveau influence, & I want to include, of course, robots. 

To help get a feel for this style I had done a lot of research on Mucha (who basically created the style, so really we could call it Mucha’s Style) & studied images online from his posters & other art. I determined that while I liked the feeling his works embodied, for mine own art I needed to add my own special bit of flair to it. 😉

What I picture in my head is art nouveau meets futuristic androids with a teensy dash of steampunk machinery. 

Thus, I set to work sketching out a frame concept (I thought I had taken photos of the pencil sketching, but it appears I did not…) and started adding a rough of an android figure of sorts. I was going for robot at first, but then decided robot-but-human-looking was what I wanted so I changed to android. And lemme tell you…trying to get my German expressionist style to conform well within art nouveau is…very challenging, to say the least. 😐 I’m working on it. Here’s what I have thus far:  

art nouveau style frame cheekygeeks egcom designs  elise m gross  

art nouveau style frame cheekygeeks egcom designs  elise m gross robot android  

As you can see, I started a rough placement for my droid & started the first of the lettering within the frame. After I work out placement, I’ll ink it all, then plot out colour. At that point, I’ll begin work on the painting of this piece. 

Since I can only work on this in my spare time, I don’t presume I’ll have this finished anytime soon, but who knows? 😉 What do you guys think of it so far?


— Elise M. Gross 



Recent Designs

I know it’s been busy here, what with Mum coming in this next week, us  trying to get the house presentable, & the myriad of design projects I’m waist deep in to, but I wanted to share quickly with y’all some of the recent commissions I finished this past week that I’m quite pleased with!


A simple, typographic name in a circle using Futura font.

I really love typography, & can’t wait until I have some time to do a great word cloud design. For now, though, these simple little designs provide some excitement for me. 😉

 bamalaser custom etching egcom designs cheekygeeks

It’s not ready to go just yet, but I’ve been putting the finishing touches up on my Papa’s shop, including some sweet graphics (like that above) for a cool rotating banner. Soon..! Soon it’ll be ready!! 😀 
What are some neat projects you’ve done recently? Share in the comments!


— Elise M. Gross


Freebie Friday: Chalkboard Backgrounds!

free chalkboard background download from cheekygeeks blog freebie friday

I love working with blackboards lately, whether for real or digitally. When I work digitally, though, I don’t want any of those low-resolution clip art freebies that seem to be all over the place now, so I just made a mess of my own board & photographed it for a higher resolution background! (Hey, I may be late to the bandwagon, but I’m still gonna be high quality!)

Feel free to use these as you please; print them out for scrapbooking, make digital art, whatever! All I ask is that you do not include these as any part of package that you’re giving away or the like, so basically no giving them out as if they’re your own. Help keep the craft & blogging communities free of drama! Just point folks to this page where they can download their own.

Of course, if you use these to make anything, I would LOVE it if you shared that work with me! It’s neat seeing the resources I provide being used for so many wonderful projects!

Here are the freebies, with more details below!

free chalkboard background download from cheekygeeks blog free chalkboard background download from cheekygeeks blog

free chalkboard background download from cheekygeeks blog free chalkboard background download from cheekygeeks blog  free chalkboard background download from cheekygeeks blog

These bad boys will be around 1600×2000 pixels each or 8″x10″. I made them to fit A4 paper with a bit of wiggle room. If something isn’t showing correctly, or you’re having issues with the resolution, let me know & I’ll get it fixed ASAP. Just click the individual image to open it in a new page, & right click>save as…!

Remember, you can use these for anything, so long as you don’t give them away as-is as if they’re you’re own, & I’d LOVE to see what awesome stuff you guys make with these!! Feel free to share this page with your friends, so they, too, & make awesome stuff!!


— Elise M. Gross


Freebie Friday: Blog Planner 2015!

Freebie Friday Valentines 2015

You may recall when I made that super cute (& Sevi glitter-inspired) set of monthly calendars last year as a freebie. Well, this year, I’ve been thinking about a blog planner (or any sort of planner, really…) with notes pages, monthly portions, & lots of other goodies..!!

cheekygeeks calendar monthly 2014

(sings) Don’t you…..forget about meeee….!! :'(

So I started making my own “Blog Planner”…I had originally intended on making it for all of 2015-2016, but it turned out to be a bigger task than I could accomplish right now, what with all the goodies I wanted to add. So today I’m offering you all a slimmed down version, just calendar with a Notes page for the rest of 2015. (The title page shows 2015-2016…forgive me!!! -wails-)

I’ve really been in a black/white/grey/yellow mood lately, so that’s the colour scheme. I created this bad boy using a combination of Excel & the Rhonna free app on my phone…madness, I tell you!!! Check it out & let me know what you think!


Click it for the .pdf to print your own!!

I printed mine out front & back in duplex mode, long side. I punched some holes in it & plan on popping it in my 3-ring binder at home! It’s super cute, y’all. <3 Here are a few more shots:

cheekygeeks blog planner preview images

Obviously, the watermark won’t be on the actual .pdf!

For 2016 I plan on going all out, with notes sections after every month, each month as a full calendar plus weekly sections, to-do sections, & more! Feel free to leave me any suggestions on what you’d love to see, & even what theme you’d like! I’m thinking robots….. (of course…)

Until Monday…

— Elise M. Gross