Butter Beer Friday!!

Do you sense it? I can feel it…! By the pricking of my thumbs, SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES!!! It’s…it’s HORRIBLE! It’s… the first week of school!!!! Ahhh!! Seriously, though, how was everyone’s first week back? (Either yourself or the kiddos?) Well, hopefully today’s post can help lessen the sting (or pricking, rather!) of this…
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There & Back Again: A Seed Cake’s Tale

Seed Cake Recipe & tutorial

So you have a fondness for fantasy? A weakness for wizards? A soft spot for…Smeagol?? Hmm, maybe not, but we do love hobbitses! And being good hobbit lovers, as it were, we also have a soft spot for second breakfast! Today’s posting will be sure to tickle the hairs right off of your toes, &…
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