Freebie Friday: Blog Planner 2015!

Freebie Friday Valentines 2015

You may recall when I made that super cute (& Sevi glitter-inspired) set of monthly calendars last year as a freebie. Well, this year, I’ve been thinking about a blog planner (or any sort of planner, really…) with notes pages, monthly portions, & lots of other goodies..!!

cheekygeeks calendar monthly 2014

(sings) Don’t you…..forget about meeee….!! :'(

So I started making my own “Blog Planner”…I had originally intended on making it for all of 2015-2016, but it turned out to be a bigger task than I could accomplish right now, what with all the goodies I wanted to add. So today I’m offering you all a slimmed down version, just calendar with a Notes page for the rest of 2015. (The title page shows 2015-2016…forgive me!!! -wails-)

I’ve really been in a black/white/grey/yellow mood lately, so that’s the colour scheme. I created this bad boy using a combination of Excel & the Rhonna free app on my phone…madness, I tell you!!! Check it out & let me know what you think!


Click it for the .pdf to print your own!!

I printed mine out front & back in duplex mode, long side. I punched some holes in it & plan on popping it in my 3-ring binder at home! It’s super cute, y’all. <3 Here are a few more shots:

cheekygeeks blog planner preview images

Obviously, the watermark won’t be on the actual .pdf!

For 2016 I plan on going all out, with notes sections after every month, each month as a full calendar plus weekly sections, to-do sections, & more! Feel free to leave me any suggestions on what you’d love to see, & even what theme you’d like! I’m thinking robots….. (of course…)

Until Monday…

— Elise M. Gross