Freebie Friday: Blog Planner 2015!

Freebie Friday Valentines 2015

You may recall when I made that super cute (& Sevi glitter-inspired) set of monthly calendars last year as a freebie. Well, this year, I’ve been thinking about a blog planner (or any sort of planner, really…) with notes pages, monthly portions, & lots of other goodies..!!

cheekygeeks calendar monthly 2014

(sings) Don’t you…..forget about meeee….!! :'(

So I started making my own “Blog Planner”…I had originally intended on making it for all of 2015-2016, but it turned out to be a bigger task than I could accomplish right now, what with all the goodies I wanted to add. So today I’m offering you all a slimmed down version, just calendar with a Notes page for the rest of 2015. (The title page shows 2015-2016…forgive me!!! -wails-)

I’ve really been in a black/white/grey/yellow mood lately, so that’s the colour scheme. I created this bad boy using a combination of Excel & the Rhonna free app on my phone…madness, I tell you!!! Check it out & let me know what you think!


Click it for the .pdf to print your own!!

I printed mine out front & back in duplex mode, long side. I punched some holes in it & plan on popping it in my 3-ring binder at home! It’s super cute, y’all. <3 Here are a few more shots:

cheekygeeks blog planner preview images

Obviously, the watermark won’t be on the actual .pdf!

For 2016 I plan on going all out, with notes sections after every month, each month as a full calendar plus weekly sections, to-do sections, & more! Feel free to leave me any suggestions on what you’d love to see, & even what theme you’d like! I’m thinking robots….. (of course…)

Until Monday…

— Elise M. Gross


Take a chance Tuesday


I made this a while back & shared it on this blog’s Facebook fan page. I got a decent reaction from it, & multiple real-life friends told me they loved it. I just enjoy making random stuff for fun; going back over it with a sterner eye, there are several things I’d change. Even when I utilise an app with “premade” graphics, like Rhonna Designs, it still takes skill. Anyone can make anything look decent with the help of apps like that, but I can easily tell when someone’s had the technical training of a designer; there’s something about the balance of negative & positive space…I’m not implying that just because I’ve had technical training my stuff is always amazeballs; sometimes, as is the way of art, it bloooows. My point, though: A work with any technical skills just feels the tiniest bit different than the person who slaps a quote over an insta-photo, you know? Not that insta-photo quotes are a bad thing; I’ve seen many beautifully done ones. And I certainly don’t intend to sound pretentious or snobby. I’m just saying that as a designer, I don’t get upset that there are apps that can make anyone feel or look like a designer; instead I embrace it as a way to make my own life easier or simpler…sometimes I just wanna design but I don’t want to have to draw out every element! I also love that anyone can be inspired to follow their own “designer dream”.

My Paperbase submission for their sticker contest.

I love the inspiration that comes from being able to play with apps like that, that come loaded with little digital “stickers” & more. (Not to mention how cute some of this stuff is!) How are these apps really any different, in the end, from stock photo collections or graphics packages or paintbrush PS sets we download to use in our work? Really, there isn’t a significant difference.

I have this photography friend who got incredibly…upset? Hurt?…when apps like Instagram first came out; everyone became a “photographer” overnight & he felt like his skills that he’d worked years to hone & the many classes he’d taken towards his degree in both photographing & developing his photos were tossed to the side every time someone asked “Oh neat! What IG  filter did you use?” Eventually he came around — as other photographers have, too — embracing this new medium & using these skills they learned to set their photos apart from the typical IG feed.

Technology continues to advance at an almost alarming rate. Instead of griping about “the good ol’ days” or “the lost art of design”, how about we recognise that the old ways aren’t lost, they’ve simply evolved? We should be evolving right along with it, & taking advantage of technology to grow evermore as artists. Hold on to the old traditions, & use them, but don’t stifle your growth refusing to change, because that’s not art, that’s obstinance. <3


Elise M. Gross



Picture this: Its the weekend. It’s late at night. I’m laying in bed, in a rather I dignified, yet comfortable position. (On second thought, don’t picture that!) I’m perusing my weekly blog reads, catching up on the goings-on of the interwebs, when I come across a post titled “50 Shades of Sevi” (Lord knows where…
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