Sunday Round-Up: D.I.Y. Comic!

This year I’ve decided to introduce a new theme-of-the-day: Sunday Round-Ups! (Every time I say that the ‘Woody’s Round-Up’ theme song starts playing in my head…[sigh]…) I’m sure that by now you & I have seen the billions of mod-podge comic book shoes & coaster tutorials out there on the interwebs. Well, for today’s round up of…
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Freebie Friday – Edgar Allan Poe Quote Facebook Banners

Hello everybody! Have you all had fantastic weeks thus far? Tomorrow is one of my oldest friends birthday celebrations, & it’s mustache themed, so we get to use the mustaches we made last week! Huzzah for multiple-use mustaches!! I certainly have had an interesting week, & to celebrate the beginning of this bound-to-be-wonderful-weekend, I’ve made…
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Cartoons, Ponies, & Bronies — oh, my!

        Cartoon, Ponies, Bronies — oh, my! Anyone else sort of obsessed with Netflix? I’ve been pouring through my insta-queue lately & trying to digest the far-too-many-titles I’ve got on there. I came across one I had recently added called ‘Bronies’ — I’m a fan of the My Little Ponies: Friendship is Magic…
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