Take a chance Tuesday


I made this a while back & shared it on this blog’s Facebook fan page. I got a decent reaction from it, & multiple real-life friends told me they loved it. I just enjoy making random stuff for fun; going back over it with a sterner eye, there are several things I’d change. Even when I utilise an app with “premade” graphics, like Rhonna Designs, it still takes skill. Anyone can make anything look decent with the help of apps like that, but I can easily tell when someone’s had the technical training of a designer; there’s something about the balance of negative & positive space…I’m not implying that just because I’ve had technical training my stuff is always amazeballs; sometimes, as is the way of art, it bloooows. My point, though: A work with any technical skills just feels the tiniest bit different than the person who slaps a quote over an insta-photo, you know? Not that insta-photo quotes are a bad thing; I’ve seen many beautifully done ones. And I certainly don’t intend to sound pretentious or snobby. I’m just saying that as a designer, I don’t get upset that there are apps that can make anyone feel or look like a designer; instead I embrace it as a way to make my own life easier or simpler…sometimes I just wanna design but I don’t want to have to draw out every element! I also love that anyone can be inspired to follow their own “designer dream”.

My Paperbase submission for their sticker contest.

I love the inspiration that comes from being able to play with apps like that, that come loaded with little digital “stickers” & more. (Not to mention how cute some of this stuff is!) How are these apps really any different, in the end, from stock photo collections or graphics packages or paintbrush PS sets we download to use in our work? Really, there isn’t a significant difference.

I have this photography friend who got incredibly…upset? Hurt?…when apps like Instagram first came out; everyone became a “photographer” overnight & he felt like his skills that he’d worked years to hone & the many classes he’d taken towards his degree in both photographing & developing his photos were tossed to the side every time someone asked “Oh neat! What IG  filter did you use?” Eventually he came around — as other photographers have, too — embracing this new medium & using these skills they learned to set their photos apart from the typical IG feed.

Technology continues to advance at an almost alarming rate. Instead of griping about “the good ol’ days” or “the lost art of design”, how about we recognise that the old ways aren’t lost, they’ve simply evolved? We should be evolving right along with it, & taking advantage of technology to grow evermore as artists. Hold on to the old traditions, & use them, but don’t stifle your growth refusing to change, because that’s not art, that’s obstinance. <3


Elise M. Gross


Robot Sketch Tuesday

Last night I had an over-whelming urge to draw…of course, I started sketching out little robots, just trying to hash out some ideas for my book. What I ended up with was a strange compilation of robots that were eerily reminiscent of early 90’s cartoons..! For some reason, I kept humming the theme song to Rocko’s Modern Life while drawing, too….that may have played a small part…! xD

Here’s some of the cuties I came up with:

Everyone I’ve shown these to so far seems to be a fan of the Catbot… 😐

After I finished the little boom box bot, the page was mostly full. I took a look around the room for some inspiration, when what should my eye land upon…? A book about our wonderful 7th President, Andrew Jackson! (He is a particular favourite of mine, outside of the simply awful stuff he was involved with.) I was inspired to make him in to a bot for my book. Not just any old bot, mind you!! — a POTUSBOT. (My own creation, thank-you-very-much!)

*ehem* (announcer voice) As you are all no doubt aware, in the future world of Amerobotica, we have gone through many a poor POTUSBOT. For some reason they just keep having the *worst* luck!! And poor #7 encountered his end…BY SQUID.

Work in progress shot.

Finished inking. I’d like to colour him, as well, so I’m still going to count this as a work in progress. ;3

What do you guys think? Any robot ideas you’d like to see me sketch?


— Elise M. Gross


Kickstarter pt II

It’s Tuesday of our Kickstarter week! Today I’m going to talk about 2 wonderful, lovely books — one for all you awesome gamers out there, & one for empowering awesome children! At the bottom of the post I’ll go over tomorrow’s posts. Let’s dive right in! (So many exclamation points!!!) The Storyteller’s Dictionary Deadline: March 23, 2015…
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