So proud to be an American

so ashamed of my state, Texas.

I’ve long been a supporter of both religious freedom AND marriage equality. I’m genuinely confused on why some people are getting so vehement about this…its disgusting, to be quite frank.

I won’t get in to it much, but I’ll touch lightly on the topic: Gay Marriage is now called marriage in the USA! Congratulations for equality. Marriage is legal between all consenting adults of the United States, & everyone gets to be happy or miserable as they so choose.

As for religious marriages & their ceremonies, well, that’d be up to the churches/mosques/temples to decide if they want to perform them or not; as is their religious right. No one can force a church to perform a wedding if it violates their religious beliefs, duh. However, in the eyes of the law, even if the church doesn’t accept a couple they can still be married as partners.

So everyone who’s got their panties in a twist needs to calm down. There is a difference. 

And to all the Texans (I’m looking at you, Ted “Call me stupid” Cruz & Greg “Sleezy Jack” Abbot) saying that the fine folks working who issue marriage licenses can turn people away, that’s pretty damn illegal; you’re telling people to choose to be fired and also be sued. Classy.

Again, though…

I never REALLY knew if I’d get to see this day. I swore back in high school to do everything I could to protect basic civil liberties,  and equality! He knows, Mr. Handsome & I swore to not get married until it was fair, & EVERYONE could be married in the USA! I know it will continue to be a battle, but I’m ready! And now, I can focus my efforts further, towards women’s rights! Towards people of all races being truly equal! TO LIBERTY, JUSTICE, & EQUALITY FOR ALL!!
That’s all I have to say about that!