>> Meet Grandma

Grandma’s given name is Judy. She is a long time Trekkie, X-Files fan, & loves to rock out to some Beach Boys. She likes owls to such an extent that –at one point — it was difficult to see anything other than the many, many owl knick-knacks adorning every surface of her home!

Aside from crocheting, Grandma’s other hobbies include re-doing the various rooms in her house about once a year — a true DIYer — the occasional match of Tetris, kicking some serious butt in Yahtzee & Boggle (along with just about every other game known to man…), and of course: video poker.

She also enjoys visiting the casinos to duel the one-armed bandits (often victoriously), and take home cookies, cakes, sugar, and more treats from the buffet in her large purse.