Geek Month 2015: SHERLOCK(ed)

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Geek Month 2015!! Three years of geeking out over random sh*t! Wooooo! xD

It’s GEEK MONTH 2015!! You know what that means…. a new, geeky post EVERY SINGLE DAY throughout the month of September!! Check back every day for exciting things!

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I AM SHERLOCKED. Aren’t you?? Because if you’re not, then you really should go watch the BBC One’s modern twist on this classic hero. He’s freaking awesome. He’s said a lot of stuff that’s just hilarious, but this is one of the ones I can personally relate the most to. xD


I had another one I wanted to do…you know, the “highly functioning sociopath” one, but decided I needed to do this Moriarty one instead, because JAMES MORIARTY, GUYS. <3


Ooooohhh…. I loves, loves, LOVES me some Sherlock!! ^_^

What are you guys thinking of the quote designs thus far? Any suggestions?



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