Geek Month 2015: Albert Einstein

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Geek Month 2015!! Three years of geeking out over random sh*t! Wooooo! xD

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Good morning everybody!! I was reading through some of Albert Einstein’s stuff the other night, & lemme tell you…. that guy has said some pretty amazing stuff. No joke! He was witty, funny, & far more clever than people even realise (which says a lot, considering how highly in esteem he’s held!) I actually had way over 10 quotes I was trying to decide between…I narrowed it down to 3 quotes, which I had fully intended on doing, but then fell asleep after #2, so…hooray? Haha! Well, you get two different ones today, but both quotes from Albert Einstein. <3

Albert Einstein if you can't explain it simply you don't understood it well enough 


I’m actually going to create a huge package of quotes from Albert Einstein that I think I might put up on Etsy or just post here, depending on how many I do. I’m thinking I’ll create different backgrounds for them, too, so they don’t all look the same! What do you guys think? 😀 See you back here tomorrow!!



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