Regarding Geek Month 2015

Morning, folks!! So I had intended on coming to you all with some bad news…you see, so much is and has been going on lately — from family deaths to other personal issues — that it’s been very, incredibly hectic for me lately. With that, I’ve not been able to prepare for Geek Month ahead of time like I normally do. As you know, Geek Month consists of a different geeky themed post every day during the month of September, which means a lot of effort is put in to it every year. This year would be number #3!!

In case you forgot what it looks like, here's the badge!

In case you forgot what it looks like, here’s the badge!

Luckily, I was doing a little graphic design the other day & was hit with inspiration! I’ll do a different design each day with some geeky-related quote! So Geek Month is still on, just with a different twist this year! Which works, when you think about it, since I’m a typography geek. <3

I’ll probably throw in some of my fave post from the past 3 years as well, for those of you who’ve missed out on some of the neater things we’ve showcased here on CheekyGeeks!

With that said, I’ve already begun work on some different designs. Each week may or may not have a specific theme, depending on how I work it out. I’ve already received some awesome suggestions for some quotes, but I’m always happy to take more!

Don’t forget that next month is also SEVITEMBER over on Ware’s the Vodka?!, wherein we celebrate all things SEVI!! 😀 😀 😀

Is there anything you geek out about that you’d love me to do a design over? A specific quote or just a general show/idea/theme works!


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