Brandt & Diane’s Wedding 2015

Have I ever mentioned we’re crazy? No, really; my friends & I are insane.
As evidence, I submit to you all: a 12+ hour drive from DFW to South Padre Island. (Diane called it a “forced vacation.”)


Yeeeeup. It’s alright, though!!
As grueling as the drive was, we still had fun.


No, really! I’m serious. We got to see some crazy cows & lovely landscape (or “spit country” as Colton called it…) Corey busted out some binoculars when we were stuck in traffic…that was a whole different kind of funny. “Is he picking his nose??! Oooh-ooh!! What about that green car way up there?!”

“Spit Country, Texas, USA”

We also managed to get plenty of highly inappropriate quotes in tweet form..
(I accidentally posted them all on my old Twitter account, not my new one. Oops!)


Highly inappropriate, suggestive, curse-laden tweets. Scroll down past these to avoid!!

We did stop by the famous Kolach place (we also learned how to correctly spell Kolach, as you can see!) We taught others that a sausage wrapped in a croissant is not a kolach, it’s a “pig in a blanket.” We also stopped by Buccee’s, which is basically a beaver-themed Walmart sized truck stop. I’m not even kidding. There were gas pumps lined up to the length of a football field, maybe two!

We were parked a little past the mid-way point of the second section…This photo doesn’t even do justice to the sight we saw pulling in. It was magnificent. Horrible, tacky, magnificent.

Bucee the Beaver, greeting all who enter with open arms

One of the entrances. That’s right…ONE.


Colton with Bucc-ee. I tried to get Corey to do a “my arm is in his mouth save meeee!!” terrified looking photo, but he declined. xP



By the time we finally got in, it was past 1 a.m. (As in the morning of the wedding) & we had to go to the hotel, then to the beach to see the wedding party but they were all headed up to bed by that point so we went back to the hotel where we were politely accosted for having 4 adults in a 2 adult room…we eventually worked it out & payed only a little extra instead of double, & then we crashed. It was 4 a.m. by that point. I stayed up for another 30 minutes playing Tetris. xD

I’ll detail the wedding in my next post! 😉 This one’s gotten a bit long!

What adventures await our brave heroes in tomorrow’s episode?! Tune in tomorrow to find out!!



P.S. Like my new signature block?? xD I LOVE it!!


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