Recent Designs

I know it’s been busy here, what with Mum coming in this next week, us  trying to get the house presentable, & the myriad of design projects I’m waist deep in to, but I wanted to share quickly with y’all some of the recent commissions I finished this past week that I’m quite pleased with!


A simple, typographic name in a circle using Futura font.

I really love typography, & can’t wait until I have some time to do a great word cloud design. For now, though, these simple little designs provide some excitement for me. 😉

 bamalaser custom etching egcom designs cheekygeeks

It’s not ready to go just yet, but I’ve been putting the finishing touches up on my Papa’s shop, including some sweet graphics (like that above) for a cool rotating banner. Soon..! Soon it’ll be ready!! 😀 
What are some neat projects you’ve done recently? Share in the comments!


— Elise M. Gross

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