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Yesterday my BFF reminded me that our 10 year high school reunions would be arriving shortly; his this year & mine next. Oh, my…

I recall discussing this with him about 5 years ago. At the time, I was firmly in the “you gotta go!!” camp, while he was adamantly in the “hell no” camp. My, though, how the tables have turned…here it is, 5 years since that discussion & he’s rather excited to go, having a complete change of heart, telling me that I’ve got to go, or it will be an experience I may regret missing out on. I, on the other hand, feel apprehension at the mere thought of going. 

The people I used to consider closest alienated me or I them by the end of high school. Aw, heck: I alienated myself. In retrospect I can see it was a defense mechanism. Either way…the people I’m friends with now consist of a smattering of people from various walks of my life, & some of them ARE from high school, but not many did I actually become good friends with until *after* high school. Perhaps I’m being a wuss, but I believe anyone I want to know I know now; anyone that I’ve gone “gee I wonder what they’re up to” I’ve reached out to on Facebook or such. Most responded, some chose not to; either way, it’s comfortable. 

Granted, I know there’s definitely a few folks I’d love to catch up with, but is it worth the anxiety of going to a reunion?? Perhaps you think me a coward, & to that I say: …yes. Yes I am. Can I go home now? 🙁

I’m normally pretty confident in my assessment of myself, but this has got me all up in knots..! At least I still have a year to mull it over. My BFF seems to think I’ll want to go…he knows me pretty well, so he’s probably right. >_>

Did any of you readers have any apprehensions about your reunion? Did you choose to go or stay away? Why? Please tell me..! T___T


— Elise M. Gross

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