Microblog Mondays 2: Kickstarter pt. 1

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So, I’m pretty sure none of you know of my slight obsession with the crowd-funding site, Kickstarter. I think it’s amazing to be able to support projects I love & support people who have a passion & drive that’s just -oh-so-inspiring. I’ve support a couple of previous campaigns, & have recently really gotten the bug to support quite a few more — poor Mr. Handsome sees me browsing Kickstarter & says I’m shopping. I’ve tried explaining what it really is, but he says I’m spending money, & it’s not tax deductable, so it’s shopping. xD

This week I plan to highlight the projects I’ve supported & the ones I’m currently supporting (& that you can support, too!!) So, without further ado, here are the first two I funded, plus another that I’m SUPER excited for (remember, I’ll be sharing more this week):

Already Funded, but still super cool:

562 Project 562
Sucessfully Funded
Matika Wilbur is an amazing Native American photographer who is documenting the stories of the Native American peoples in a book called Project 562. Not only is her skill in photography unmatched, but the storied she’s collecting are so important to our history as a nation & to the human race in general. I take the Native American history very seriously, so this first campaign I ever funded means more than I can truly express. Check out Matika’s blog, too!

edgarapoeEdgar Allan Poe’s ‘Ravings of Love & Death’
Successfully Funded
Now most of you DO probably know of my undying passion for Edgar Allan Poe’s works. As a small child I had a passion for reading, & consequently was gifted a collection of “Young Reader” books — Poe was among the collection, & I devoured every last word. I loved scary stories, & Poe’s works have influenced nearly every aspect of my life since, especially that of my art. This campaign was in support of an artist & team with an equal passion for Poe’s works; they created an illustrated edition of select stories. They far surpassed their original goal, too, so there were a lot of really awesome extras we all got. As you saw in my mantle post, I have several giclee prints from this campaign framed already. The book itself…oh man, it’s gorgeous. I’ll have to share the fine details for that in a separate post! If you’re interested in acquiring a copy of the book, even though the campaign has ended, check out their website.

Coming Up:

beehive-picture-holders Beehive Picture Hangers
Deadline: March 19, 2015
This is one of those really neat, innovative ideas that’s just going to make everything way easier in my life. Since hanging photos (or mirrors, or…anything, let’s face it) is *such* a task for Mr. Handsome & myself — & inevitably leads to bickering about whether something needs to be one inch further to the left — these bad boys will be our saving grace for hanging.

First of all, they can support up to 30 lbs, hanging in drywall. Secondly, you don’t have to locate studs! (I mean, I’ve never been able to use that “knock” trick anyway.) Thirdly, I’m going to get these for everyone on my Christmas list. <3

It’s pretty easy: attach them to your picture frame, place against the wall where you’d like it to go, push the corners lightly to mark the spots, then place pins in spots, & hang! No more re-positioning after remeasuring for the umpteenth time, no more filling in little holes left from bad placements… no more hassle!!

Best of all, this campaign offers goodies of just the items (no stickers or any frivolous stuff here!) These are incredibly inexpensive & come in huge sets, so check it out today!


Table saw for Nerdy little Woodworkertable-saw-for-nerdy-woodworker
Deadline: March 23, 2015

This is one of those campaigns I just sort of stumbled across & wanted to help the guy out. He’s an amazing artist, & I truly love his work. His name is Graeme Elliott, & he lives in the UK doing what he loves, from carpentry to woodburning. Check out his DeviantArt for some more of his work — it’s really impressive stuff! He didn’t need a lot to get his saw, so I went ahead & pitched in, but he’s almost doubled his goal, so hopefully he can get the saw of his dreams!! 😀

Okay that’s all for today: I’ve got a lot of campaigns I’m excited for, & I know you guys will be, too! (There’s even a discount washi paper one for you crafters!!) So check back every day this week for the latest one!!

— Elise M. Gross

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