Kickstarter pt III


It’s Wednesday of our Kickstarter week! Today I’m going to talk about 2 more awesome campaigns– one for all you awesome folks who believe we should teach our little girls (& boys!) to think critically & have a voice, & one for keeping our best friends snug & safe! At the bottom of the post I’ll go over tomorrow’s posts. Let’s dive right in! (So many exclamation points!!!)

girls-driving-for-a-differenceGirls Driving for a Difference
Deadline: March 26th, 2015

These four students from Standford University plan to travel cross-country during the summer of 2015 to share with young girls the tools & inspiration to think…but not just any old thinking: Design Thinking! Basically, they give girls (or boys, as anyone is welcome) the skill-set needed to approach & conquer any problem through a creative process.

I really support movements like this, as it’s all too often I see young girls becoming young women without a voice. It pains me to see people I care about feel like they aren’t good enough, smart enough, strong enough, &c. I think workshops like the ones these women have been doing already help to empower our young ones & teach them to be better people. Basically, this stuff is super important, guys!

For 10 weeks, these women will head across the USA to reach young girls in summer camps, Scouts, extra curricular groups, & more. The workshops look & sound super fun (I even got teary-eyed when the little girls go over how they want to change the world!) They believe that instead of asking what you want to be when you grow up, we should be asking how they want to change the world for the better, & what can be done starting NOW to do it!

Be sure to check out their campaign page here & donate anything you can to this awesome cause. You can also find out more about this amazing team & what they’ve done already by visiting their webpage here. 😀

snorfSnorf Industries,
(Fun)ctional Hats & Hoodies for Dogs
March 26, 2015

I am really excited for this one, guys..! First of all, SO CUTE! Secondly, you guys remember my poor little Rat Terrier, Chloe, right? (See the adorableness below if you’ve forgotten…!) xD

Chloe Bear hates Mondays

chloe rat terrier chloe
How could you forget a face liek dis??

She was given to me with a purple “Princess” shirt…I went “EGADS. Nope!” & tossed that sucker right out. However, I found that she actually LOVES wearing clothes, & will attempt to dress herself if she finds a shirt small enough. xD Unfortunately, she has what we call “barrel chest” with a skinny little waist, so nothing fits correctly! Then the poor little thing is always shivering lately, especially the older she gets. I’ve tried getting her some clothes, but they’re always super flimsy or super ugly, or they just don’t fit right — & I am not about to shell out hundreds of dollars for a big, ugly coat for her. This past few weeks with the crazy snow has taken such a toll on her widdle ears!! I had to keep her bundled up in my coat last time we went out so she wouldn’t shiver right out of her skin!

Enter: The Bat Hat! This weirdly cute little contraption was made by pet owner Dara Moss, who had Frenchies — the odder shaped sort of dogs! She knew the pain I’m going through, & developed something for her cuties to keep them warm. Her videos & campaign page do an excellent job of explaining how it all works, so I’ll let you check that out yourself.

The only scary thing is that she has 8 days left in this campaign, & they’re SOOOOOO close to reaching their goal, but not there yet!! If they don’t make it, Chloe won’t get herself a new, properly fitting & super cute outfit! :O
Share this with everyone you know, y’all!!

What do you guys think of everything so far? Am I backing some pretty neat stuff, or what? xD
What cool Kickstarter or Indigogo projects have you backed?

— Elise M. Gross

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