Chalkboard Art: Fauxnomenal Flowers

I was asked by my good friend Deb of Deb’s Silks/Fauxnomenal Flowers to make up a chalkboard looking sign for her Etsy shop & for her to physically take with her to the various vendor fairs she sells her silk flowers at. I love calligraphy, so of course I was on this!!

(By the way, how clever is that name?! She sells silk flowers…fake…faux…and they’re phenomenal looking…FAUXNOMENAL FLOWERS?! So frikin’ clever!! xD )

I had previously made a super tiny board for her, just regular old cursive with chalk paint on a tiny chalk board:

She loved it!!

That was one she wanted to display on her flower towers when she does vendor stuff at bridal shows.

To do her BIG vendor sign, though, we got a sheet of reflective plexiglass, a vinyl “chalk board” with a soft, vintage-like flower print on it, & of course, a chalk paint marker!

Line it up, stick the edge on…

I used a credit card or such to slowly press out air bubbles as I pressed down. (Gently, though, or the vinyl will scratch!!)

Begin outline/lettering…

Fill in the outline!

Here’s the final product (sorry I didn’t get better shots!)

Some close ups/detail shots:

I had a lot of fun making this for Mrs. D!! (She got a little teary eyed when I showed it to her. Aaaaaw!!) I look forward to making more signage, too.

What do you guys think? Is this something you might try for yourself?

Until next time! Cheers!!

— Elise M. Gross

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