Freebie Friday and Valentine’s Staycation 2015


Freebie Friday Valentines 2015

Hullooo…long time no see…. 😉
So we had planned on going out to the lake house this year for Valentine’s weekend (since it’s a nice long weekend & everything…) but due to multiple reasons *coughmoneycough* we’ve decided to stay in this weekend & we’ll go next weekend for Boo’s birthday. 😀

Speaking of Boo… he doesn’t read this blog (he really online plays games online, really) so I have no fear sharing some Valentine’s goodies with all of you here today!! 😀 I used the ever-amazing Rhonna app to make myself a cute little “Valentine” card background, which I printed off & wrote a sweet love letter on & then also added some of our personal cute-couple-doing-cute-stuff-cheesy-goodness photos to, which I’ll frame & present to him as a token of my affection. We had agreed to do “DIY only” gifts this year (we’ll see how well he sticks with that!) so I’m trying my darndest!

Before I plastered my sweet nothings & charming photos all over it, I saved two different copies of the Valentine’s Love Letter background to share with you all, so you can grab your FREEBIE below! (Just click the pic for the larger image, then print!) 😀

valentines letter 2015 valentine's letter 2015 world

Here’s what I ended up doing with the photo one that I’ll frame tonight:


Gotta have that glitter!



Happy Valentine’s, y’all!! I’ll see you next week!
Share what you do with those cute letter backgrounds with me in the comments! I’d love love LOVE to see!

— Elise M. Gross

4 thoughts on “Freebie Friday and Valentine’s Staycation 2015

    • Omigosh it’s an amazing app & she’s such a great designer! I’d love to one day have a neat little app of my own that folks could use my designs. ^_^
      m glad you’re excited!! I’m trying to keep up with blogging more often. It’s hard since we don’t have the internet right now. :O

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