BAM!! Im back with BamaLaser and more!


So I’m mostly back in action on the blog-o-sphere after my slight hiatus. I have been working, though –not relaxing on my laurels! I’ve taken on multiple odd jobs here & there doing graphic design work (yes, I decided to jump back in that pool…though right now it’s more of a tentative dip.) I’ve discovered the joys of Fiverr (what a site) & have been doing things there & outside IRL for folks I know & hold dear.

I’ve also been working on my book again — it’s been quite exciting! I had hit a bit of a research slump, but connected with someone well equipped in U.S. History knowledge who was able to point me in the direction of some excellent resources regarding sites & books (bless you, Diane.) So I’ve been going nutso on the research, and doing graphic design stuffs while away.

My biggest task thus far, though, was actually for my Papa, (who hails from ‘Bama country…a HUGE fan of the Crimson Tide…) who manages his own company where he sells laser etched gun parts (technically, I guess he could etch anything, but his thing is for guns. No judging!) So I had created a really spiffy flyer for him to take to shows, then used this same “feeling” of the flyer for the rest of the items, like the logo & business card. Surprisingly, I didn’t create the logo first, as he requested a flyer at first. Afterwards, he sent me his sketch of an idea (based loosly on his favourite crimson team ;D ) that I modified in to a good, solid graphic logo. Check out the befores & afters below, followed by his business card designs.

alabama crimson tide logo Alabama Crimson Tide Logo — the inspiration for my Papa’s design

My Papa’s rough sketch idea of what he wanted for his logo. AR-15’s make the “A” (get it, ’cause he sells gun parts?? Ha!)
The final logo design. Pretty sharp, eh? 😀

Here are the flyers…the original (eep!) plus the redesign, & then the top portion which I’ll make the main banner on his website (right now I’m just using a simple basic WordPress….DON’T JUDGE!)

The original was one from a friend
who also does the same thing..
I got my Papa to get his own site, thank goodness!!

The final…much more clean…and “Manly” lol!

Now obviously, I’m not being paid to endorse this or anything…I’m just sharing what I’ve been doing. I don’t think anyone who reads this is interested in laser etched gun parts, but HEY if you are, obviously check his stuff out, or if you know anyone who would be, send them his way! xD (I am, like, the best daughter EVER…rofl!!)

Lastly…& this is the best…check out these super sexy business cards….mmmm-mmm!!

The original…its, like, a Vistaprint basic one…just…just, no… 

The front side…mmmm!
Ooooh! Lookit that backside! Ow-ow! 

And here they are all “made-up” like….mmm-mmm! So shmexy. 😀
(Am I tooting my own horn too much, here?)


SO, that’s what I’ve been up to! I’ve got a few more posts coming y’all’s way, but we don’t have the interwebs for now (we’re doing one of those “tech diets” or whatever the kids call ’em nowadays…) so it’s libraries & Starbucks wi-fi for me…! xD Ah, well…

What do you kids think? Exciting stuff? 
I’ll share some of my other logo designs I’ve done soon!

Have yourselves a wonderful Valentine’s weekend & President’s Day as well!!

— Elise M. Gross

4 thoughts on “BAM!! Im back with BamaLaser and more!

    • Aww thanks Sevi!! 😀 I’m glad to be back, too — though I don’t expect I’ll be blogging as frequently as others (lookin’ at you!!) but I’ll do my darndest to try! 😀

  1. Glad to hear that you are back and it looks like things are going good for you. Awesome. The designs are great and all, but the first thing that caught my eye was the fact that he has a website, but his email is Wouldn’t something like be a better branding option?

    Just curious!

  2. You know what Peter, that same thing did cross my mind! I’ve been looking at revamping his page for him, so I’ll probably make an email with his domain in it that he can access. Thanks for mentioning that!! I’m putting it on my to-do list!

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