Freebie Friday: Goals for 2015

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It’s time for another Freebie Friday!! I’m thinking I should change the banner to suit the various seasons…this looks a little too fallish!!

I’ve been running around trying to get things in the house accomplished, but I realised I simply won’t have the time to get everything that I want to get done finished before the end of the year!! 🙂 So, being the list-maker that I am, I decided to make myself a super cute “Goals” list for 2015, & being the indecisive person I am, I made a few variations colour-wise to choose from. I’ve already started on my general goals for the year, & will probably break those down further using the different colours…did I mention I have a binder? I call it my obsession binder, & it holds all of my pretty things, like lists. xD

Why “Goals” instead of “Resolutions”..? Well, honestly, I hate making “resolutions”…they seem so far away, & I’m always disappointed when I don’t follow through with them for whatever reason. With that in mind, I prefer to make goals. Real. Attainable. Goals. Easy-to-do-yet-hard-to-maintain tasks that I can break down & determine to follow through with. There might not be much difference between goals & resolutions, but to me, a goal is something you DO. A resolution is a promise you make to yourself….there’s a stigma, too, like these sorts of promises are easy to break but “don’t worry guys, it’s just a resolution, try again next year…” PAH I say! When I set goals, I knock ’em down. When I make a resolution, it’s to other people. For example, a couple of years ago, I resolved to have more patience with my darling, & try not to argue so much, & he made the same resolution to me. Now? BAM! We’ve got it down to where we generally drop silly arguments, or at least acknowledge how nonsensical they are & have a good laugh. I’ll get in to resolutions closer to January, though…

Make your 2015 goals in STYLE!! I’ve got 6 lovely colour choices for you here. The original looks a bit …hmm…I dunno, rutic? Tuscan? Some sort of Mediterranean vibe, maybe? It’s all over the place, really; invokes many feelings. I also threw on a filter to make purple, green, yellow, blue/grey, & black/white versions. Please feel free to click the image you’re most interested in, & on the page that opens, right click>save as or print. Make sure that your settings for printing are vertical! I used a 0.2 margin width all around, with vertical & horizontal centering ON. Feel free to use these all you like for personal & non-commercial use, just don’t remove my little URL at the bottom, please!! 😀

original file for 2015 goals list freebie cheekygeeks egcom tk yellow file for 2015 goals list freebie cheekygeeks egcom tk black and white file for 2015 goals list freebie cheekygeeks egcom tk

purple file for 2015 goals list freebie cheekygeeks egcom tk green file for 2015 goals list freebie cheekygeeks egcom tk blue grey gray file for 2015 goals list freebie cheekygeeks egcom tk

Which one is your fave? What are some GOALS you plan to set & knock down for 2015? Share in the comments!

Until next time…
— Elise M. Gross

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  1. Back in action and things are looking pretty great around here! Good jobs with all the creative things that you post about! Good luck in the future!

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