Return of the Holidays

custom didjya did you miss me photo image banner picture chevrons arrows titleWell hey there, guys. This seems to be a pattern: after Geek month I disappear for a month! :O

I’ve decided I can’t have that again — since it gets so busy around this time of year, I’m going to work with this scheduler-thingy to get stuff up in advance — I already have some Halloween posts ready & scheduled for next year. Yeah, I’m that ready. Honestly? I had completely intended on posting it this year, but…well, busy. Life. All that.

Also, I’m thinking I’ll semi-convert this blog from a solely DIY/Crafting/Geekery blog to a DIY/Crafting/Geekery/Lifestyle blog…don’t be scared, it just means I’ll be posting a little more about the random things I do or experience, instead of forcing myself to always have to come up with “crafty shabangs” for y’all. Again, though, no worries, as I’ll still post plenty of more crafty/geeky goodness, I’ll just have a little more of my life thrown in the mix, which hopefully means I’ll be able to post more often!

They* say that you learn a lot, & make a LOT of mistakes the first few years you start blogging, especially if you plan on doing things such as I’ve done. Well, I have DEFINITELY learned a LOT, & there are some pretty awesome bloggers out there I hope to be even a fraction as awesome as (as ever, looking at you, Sev!)
    *Seriously, Google it!

With all that thrown out there, I just wanted to let y’all know I’m still alive, just been busy making gifts, food, running around, shopping, trying not to stress…you know, holiday stuff. >.<

Fun Fact of the Day courtesy of ThinkGeek's twitter! xD

Fun Fact of the Day courtesy of ThinkGeek’s twitter! xD

Some pretty stellar news, though!! After, like, 7 years of not seeing my family for the holidays, I finally get to go “home” to see them!! (Home = Las Vegas, where my family is from.) Wooooo! This will also be the first time I’m going home since I turned 21, too, so I’ll actually be legal to gamble & drink while there…that’ll be nuts! Hoho!

Expect many photos of that adventure, for certain..! In the coming weeks, I’ll be posting photos of the stuff I’ve been up to since September, like when I got to go visit the AWESOME exhibits at the Perot Museum, or when we celebrated Friendsgiving, our annual trip to have Cheeseburgers with Baby Jesus, & plenty of crafting/gift making posts thrown in.

On another note, I’ve dicovered the joy/sorrow of Reddit…needless to say…oh my…. My name on there is egcom, so feel free to hit me up! So far, my fave subreddit is /r/TrollXChromosone …those ladies are hilarious, mean, & nice all rolled in to one. <3 I also seem to enjoy the /r/RPG subreddit a lot as well. Some supremely talented people in that place; if you play RPG table-tops I highly recommend y’all check it out.

Lots of love finding ones own people. xD

Also, regarding Twitter, I generally post fairly regularly there, so also check that out @CheekyGeeksBlog. You can hit up my Facebook, too, though that’s not as regular as Twitter.

Alright kiddos! See you soon! 😀
— Elise M. Gross

P.S. I’ll have some freebie goodies this Friday!! Hint: Holiday Printables!!! [wiggle dance]


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