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space image cheekygeeks It’s time for another Whovian Wednesday here on CheekyGeeks, & I have some wonderful news!! After Geek Month is over, we’re going to continue on with our wonderful Wednesday tradition — some posts will be from Mr Bowers himself, some will be me! I haven’t yet determined if we’ll do every Wednesday, every other Wednesday, or once a month, but stay tuned!! [happy dance!!]

Without further ado, though, let’s give it up for Cash Money!



“Robot of Sherwood” airs on BBC America 9/13 at 9/8c

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It seems — like last years Sci-Fi week — that this is an obvious fit for an adventure in time and space — maybe a little too obvious …

But the best thing about a theme like space is that with such a broad topic it covers such a wide range of great episodes that I have a lot of joy in discussing, especially this range of the series.
I would like to remind everyone that when Doctor Who began airing in the ‘60’s, the series would alternate between historical fiction and science fiction, but since the Second Doctor, the historical stories have also included sci-fi elements. However, Sci-Fi doesn’t necessarily mean Space, and I’ve taken this to mean episodes that have taken place in space, on a spaceship (other than the TARDIS) and other similar episodes.

Now obviously there are a many great episodes that happen within space, but among the best things about these episodes are that you get to see something different from your norm or learn something new about the Doctor and his companions, from the Timelords psychic abilities in the Sensorites, to the kindness of the Doctor and his companions in the Beast Below. Plus, if you are a Cybermen fan, so many episodes involve those metal monsters in space. But it is these experiences that make space stories often among the most treasured; plus, sometimes… there are space-“ships”… literally!!

Pirates. In SPaaAaaAaaaAaCCcccCcEEeeeEe!!!!!!

Pirates. In SPaaAaaAaaaAaCCcccCcEEeeeEe!!!!!!

So feel free to enjoy one of these great space episodes, continue watching the new season, and we’ll see y’all next week!

Cory’s Episodes that are Space related:

  1. The Sensorites
  2. The Moonbase
  3. Frontier in Space
  4. Enlightenment
  5. The Beast Below

–Cory “Cash Money” Bowers

Other Space themed Episodes of note:

Thanks so much for joining us, y’all!
We’ll see you tomorrow for a super fun space comic from Mr. Kerns of Timid Studios & a new installment — Thoughtful Thursday: IN SPACE!!

–Elise M. Gross


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