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So I just realized I had my episodes for the season off by one so last week..!
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So as we are reaching the end of another excellent Geek Month, we come to one of the best weeks for Whovians: Games!!! Yes, the beloved Timelord is well know as a competitor, having shown proficiency and excellence in such sports as Fencing, Football (Soccer), and Cricket. Even in incarnations that seem to be more advanced in age, the Doctor shows a lot of athleticism fighting monsters, and running up and down corridors throughout time and space. However, for most people, sport and gaming tend to be separated by contests involving physical prowess and those that favor intelligence. Well, for anyone who has seen even one episode, you cannot fail to grasp that the Doctor tends to outwit his adversaries when defeating them.


ww2As far back as the First Doctor, he has been playing games, or is being challenged to contests of logic — the first example of this is the Trilogic contest between the Doctor and the Celestial Toymaker. In many of the Second Doctor’s encounters with the Cybermen, tests of logic are used to defeat them, but of all these many games, the Doctor has a preference for Chess. Although examples of games between companions and other characters happen much earlier, the Doctor is first seen playing chess in the TARDIS with K-9 and Leela in “The Sun Makers.” But he would go on to play matches of extreme importance, competing for information, the fate of the Earth, and even his own existence would sometimes lay in the balance.


ww1There are many reasons to enjoy these episodes that show the Doctor playing chess, because they reveal the qualities that so many of us enjoy in regards to “Doctor Who.” With cunning, intelligence, and some clever risk taking, the Doctor is able to prevail against those that would seek to cause harm anywhere in the Universe. His companions may not always understand his choices, may believe that he manipulates those around him like pawns and knights, and may even be put in harms way (but usually find their own way in,) but the Doctor is always there to right the wrongs and win the day. So enjoy any of the following episodes, bust out your favorite game, and we will see y’all next week!


Episodes that are Gaming related:

  1. The Celestial Toymaker (only Ep. 4 exists in the archives)
  2. The Talons of Weng-Chiang
  3. The Curse of Fenric
  4. The Long Game
  5. Nightmare in Silver


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See you guys tomorrow for a SUPER SPECIAL TREAT from Jeremy Kerns of Timid Studios, creator of the ever-amusing webcomic, The Garage!!
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