Thoughtful Thursday: IN SPACE!!


SPACE….it really *is* just…so big..!! :0

Have you ever seen an image of space & had your breath taken away? Images from the universe draw the eye of young & old alike due to the beauty & awe-inspiring smallness one feels from the recognition that we are but tiny specks of dust in this great cosmos.

Some of my favourite photos of our universe (& probably most folks favourites) are those taken by telescopes of the many beautiful nebula!! A nebula is an immense assortment of cloud, plasma, and gases — gases such as Hydrogen, Helium, &c. Thanks to our human condition of Pareidolia (i.e. seeing shapes or faces in things),  many nebulae take on shapes that remind us of mythological creatures, bugs, insects, animals, and far more; it’s for these seen “similarities” that we have such interesting names for our discoveries* such as the Horse Head nebula, the Eye of God (also known as the Helix nebula), & many more. Granted, these all have their scientific “code” names, but those aren’t nearly as exciting as the nebula look, don’t you agree? ;D

*discoveries here meaning found, really, as these obviously existed long before we “discovered” their existence!

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Fun Fact: The Helix Nebula has been said to look rather like a large eye within the sky, so it’s also known as the Eye of God, or to the more geeky types, the Eye of Sauron! What do you think?

Eye of Sauron versus Eye of God...simlarities? eye of sauron lord of the rings
Eye of God versus Eye of Sauron …similarities?
I highly recommend checking out the internet for sites such as Google Sky (also an app version) or NASA’s website, along with the many smartphone apps available for more stunning imagery of the heavens above us. (I hear there are apps that can “view” the sky above you to tell you  more about what’s above you!) There’s also neat websites such as the Hubble Site featuring a glorious collection of photos from the Hubble telescope. Finally, for those in to exploring new worlds (literally!), the Mars rover Curiosity also has many exciting adventures!!

We’ll see you guys tomorrow for an exciting adventure in our Friday-free-for-all: Bake your very own Nyan Cat in SPACE!

— Elise M. Gross

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  1. Very nice! That made me chuckle and that is what it is all about, right? Great blog, I plan to come back more often to read up on your posts!

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