Technology Tuesday: Learn sumfin ’bout r0b0ts

In today’s world of exboxes & playstashuns & crazy, learning A.I., we all have our own love for gadgets & technology, yet no technology can beat our undying love for robots. <3 Oh, yes… robots!! Whether they be the beeping droids like those in Star Wars or cute little ones like Pixar’s Wall-E; real ones like NASA’s rover Curiosity, or handy robotic, bionic limbs*, our culture is fascinated by the potential these inventions hold, limited only by our own imaginations.

*cheap shot you say? Oh, c’mon I love terrible puns! 🙁
Don’t judge me!

Believe it or not, robots as a concept really aren’t as new as we would think! While Japan was the first country to build a robot — followed closely after by Germany & then China — the idea of a machine of sorts performing functions assigned to it has been around since ancient time.



There are some robots that can blow your mind, far surpassing your expectations & imagination, (as already evidenced by those linked above), whether from their highly advanced technology, their stunning designs, or the extraordinary work which they perform. Some robots are created for simple, even nonsensical things. For example, there’s the Snackbot, made by students at Carnegie Mellon University, which does precisely what you’d think: he delivers snacks to students (granted, there’s some “reasoning” behind this, like studying robot-human interactions & what-nots…we know the truth though). Then there are robots like Wheeme: the first body massaging robot of the world! Apparently, it gives massages like the experts. (For obvious reasons, we will most assuredly be getting one of these next payday! xD)


Some other neat neat robots worth mentioning:

  • Pleo – a ridiculously adorable animatronic pet dinosaur. This neat robot combines two of my obsessions: robots & dinosaurs. If they ever make a Triceratops model, I’ll be the first in line!!
  • PackBots – developed by iRobot (yes, that same company that makes the cute little robotic vacuums) to detect mines in Afghanistan for the US military.
  • BigDog – the most advanced “terrain” robot, created to serve as a “pack mule” of sorts, climbing, carrying & able to lift insane amounts (up to 340 lbs so far, they’re working on more!) Personally, I think this little guy looks a lot like an AT-AT, but he’s the size of a large dog.
  • ISOBOT – the most produced robot in the world with great entertainment offers it provides.
  • The Google Self-driving Car – a project developed by Google for automated, driverless cars.
  • The Schaft robot*- a humanoid, award winning robot created by Google to navigate disaster areas & clear debris. *after SHAFT was acquired by Google, most of the previously public information was removed from the internet.


Obviously, there are far, far more robots out there to know about, but I couldn’t possibly list them all here!!

…Though, I would love to share one final one that tickled me pink to find: a bartending robot made of lego parts. Yep, you read me right! Check him out in the video below of this Einstein-looking robot mixing a screwdriver of “wodka” and orange soda at the 2006 CeBit confrence:


ROFL. Oh, man…I need one of those, too!!
Which of these real robots do you think is coolest?? Is there one I missed that you toally feel should have been listed? Share in the comments!

We’ll see you tomorrow for another AWESOME Whovian Wednesday!!
— Elise M. Gross

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