Sunday Round-Up: D.I.Y. Comic!

This year I’ve decided to introduce a new theme-of-the-day: Sunday Round-Ups! (Every time I say that the ‘Woody’s Round-Up’ theme song starts playing in my head…[sigh]…)

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I’m sure that by now you & I have seen the billions of mod-podge comic book shoes & coaster tutorials out there on the interwebs. Well, for today’s round up of neat DIY tuts, I’ve searched high & low for an amazing collection of comic-themed ideas that are unique & you most likely haven’t seen before!! PLUS, for you who’re interested in making your own comic book, I’ve included an awesome bonus after the round-up to check out!!

These blogs & instructables are wonderful, so be sure to check them out, & tell ’em the Cheeky Geeks Blog sentchya! ;D

sunday round up comic week pow marvel necklace shirt clutch spiderman cover lasercut bunting banner valentines felt

  1. Pow Shirt/Sweatshirt Iron-On Project & Comic-themed Fake Leather Clutch from Sharon at Style Chameleon
  2. Comic themed Valentine’s Day Felt Banner from Jennifer on Craft Forest
  3. POW Nail String Art from
  4. Comic Book Bunting Banner from Jen (from Sweeten Your Day) guest posting on A Blissful Nest
  5. Marvel-ous Necklace from Ryan on TeraSue (Ryan is Tera’s hubby; he did a “take-over” event for the post)
  6. Comic Book Canvas Art from Amy at the ModPodge Rocks Blog
  7. 3-D Wood Veneer Comic Cover from laserhosen at 


Remember that BONUS I mentioned?? Well…

diy comics making comics at home by dennmann Head on over to Dennmann’s blog to check out all the steps needed to create your very own comics!

They break down everything from layout, paper types, even how to make your own cover. Their whole blog is a great resource for those interested in making their own comics.


Tomorrow kicks off our SPACE themed second week of Geek Month here on CheekyGeeks, & of course we’ll have an AWESOME Make-It-Monday post from Helen of Kids-In-Bibs* detailing how to make your very own SPACE ROOM!!! [zoom!]

— Elise M. Gross

*Kids-In-Bibs is on hiatus due to Helen’s happy pregnancy, & she has requested I not post the link to her shop for now. Once it’s back up, I’ll update this post to include her link!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Round-Up: D.I.Y. Comic!

  1. I’m so making the Pow string thingy, though it hurts my head just by looking at it – I’m not the crafty type at all but I will try. I remember seeing something similar on ETSY but with states and it looked pretty cool.

    • Heya Samantha! Yeah I’ve seen the state ones before, too, that’s why I got such a kick out of this one! It’s definitely different. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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