Retro Pixelz – A CheekyGeeks Video Game



owl-elise-m-grosschibi-pixel-owl-elise-m-grossRemember how bummed I was that we weren’t able to get that super-cool-amazing-retro-themed-video game in time for game week? Well guess what??

You guys will be so excited to find out that I got the completed game this week!! Now, I know it’s ROBOT WEEK, but don’t video games sort of count as robots, just…virtually? (Maybe I’m stretching it there, but DAGNABIT THIS IS JUST SO COOL!!)

First of all, it’s too stinkin’ cute..!!! I mean, lookit me! I’m a teeny, adorable, pixelated owl-me!! SQUEE!!
Secondly, the game’s soundtrack is great; I love it.
Thirdly, I finally got it to upload properly on my server, so go play it already!!!! 

Then come back here & tell me how wonderful it is! I keep dying on the ice level, mainly because I have no patience & thus keep sliding to my doom, but…! It’s so cool! I’m so happy with it!!

Go play it! (PC/WEB ONLY!)
See y’all tomorrow!!
— Elise M. Gross

6 thoughts on “Retro Pixelz – A CheekyGeeks Video Game

  1. Addiction starting in 3, 2, 1! This is super fun, thanks for sharing the link, I’ve been playing it for the last hours or so haha. You kinda got me in the mood for a gaming week fun, can’t wait to get it moving!

    • Thanks Bridgette!! It is a fun game, but I always die a lot in the snow level! :O I’m just not patient enough & slide everywhere! Watch out!!

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