Make-it-Monday: Kids Space Room for Under $100

space image cheekygeeks  Good morning & welcome to our second week of our 2nd Annual Geek Month celebration!! This week we celebrate: SPACE!! (A personal favourite!!)


Today we’re going to see my good friend Helen’s creativity in making her first-born’s super cool SPACE themed room, all for about $100!! (My money-saving tips will keep it well below that, though!) Helen is a wonderful stay-at-home mommy, & a supremely talented artist.

Since she’s a very busy lady, I’ve gotten all the photos & instructions from her to share with you guys below!

 Please note: Where she purchased most of her items included places like Target & Michael’s — however, if you really want to keep it under $100 & save, check out your local dollar store for comparable items for less!

I’ve made some money saving notations throughout the post, you’ll see them in italics.


Space mural Instructions:

I drew the rocket and moon out with chalk first. (If you’re hesitant to draw your own from scratch, check out this post on drawing rocket ships to get some practice in & come up with a design you love!) I used a quart of indoor wall paint($15) for the background, a sample jar of the grey and one of the red for the rocket ($5). The other colors were used with regular acrylic paints ($.67/ea.). The stars were painted using varying sized circle sponge brushes from Michaels ($5). The star paint was white acrylic paint($.67) mixed with a glow in the dark paint ($3) and so the stars glow in the dark. (You can get a decent, inexpensive set of paint brushes for super cheap at a craft store or even a dollar store.)


Chalkboard and art above it:

A chalkboard wall decal from Michael’s ($9) and the UFO/Alien art was purchased at Target ($10). The three space items at the top of the chalkboard were a surprise from my mom, so those were technically free. They are magnets so we put nails in the wall and put the magnets on the nails. The nails also help keep the board on the wall since toddler fingers like to pull down the decal.


Lettering above dresser:

The letters were recycled from his whole name “Timothy” from his nursery and we just took the “TIM” from it so it fit better. The stars, UFOs, and earth were purchased at hobby lobby (~$.60/ea). You can find wooden or cardboard letters at any craft store for fairly cheap, or you could cut them out of some nice paper!

Hanging stars above reading corner:

Purchased a hula hoop from Target ($6) <em(hula-hoops are definitely available at most dollar stores, too) and cut stars out of glittery yellow scrapbook paper ($3). I tied strings ($3) and glued the stars back to back with the strings in between. Hung them from the hula hoop and then hung the whole thing from the ceiling using a screw hook ($1).

Reading nook:

Bookshelves are made using rain gutters. We purchased a 10′ section from Home Depot($7) and cut it into two 2′ sections and two 3′ sections. We placed gutter endcaps($5 for a pair) on the ends of each section and then hung the gutters using gutter hooks (~$2/ea). You could opt for a slightly less expensive option of using molding instead of gutters, but most molding doesn’t have the little “catch” gutters provide, so it may be best for older children.


Constellation Lamp:

Purchased the sick lamp with black shade from Target ($10). I printed constellations off of the internet, taped them to the shade, and then drilled holes where the stars were. The constellation pictured is Hercules. I want one of these with my astrological constellation of Taurus!!


Optional: For some Accessorising —

The rug is a round blue bath rug from Target ($10) and the pillows we already had. Feel free to go crazy with accessories for your little ones room here! There are a ton of options in many stores!

Well, there you have it, folks! One of the greatest little rooms I’ve ever seen! I kind of want to do this to my Craft room, now… >.>

Join us tomorrow for our SPACE themed Treasury Tuesday!!! 😀
— Elise M. Gross

6 thoughts on “Make-it-Monday: Kids Space Room for Under $100

  1. You rock, girl, it looks out of this world – pun intended. The constellation lamp is brilliant, it’s so simple and easy and looks uber cool. How bad would it be if I used this design in my bedroom? Extra fact: I’m hitting 30 next month 🙂

    • Haha!! No, that’s certainly not a bad thing — you do you!! ;D I’ll be sure to pass along the compliments to Helen! Thanks for stopping by!

    • Lol thanks Gloria! My dear friend Helen was actually posting her pics of this on FB & I proposed she type up a small tutorial for the blog & I’d put her images together! So really it’s all her idea, but don’t think I’m not doing this at some point! xD

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