CheekyGeeks Board Game: A Series of Tubes!!

We’ve got something suuuuuper cool for you guys!!! Jeremy Kerns, the ever-amazing-artist & creator of Timid Studios, has created a unique board game just for Game Week as we celebrate Geek Month!! I’ve also got a little bit of sad news but I’ll post about that at the bottom — for now, let’s check out this AWESOME board game!!

a series of tubes board game cheekygeeks geek month timid studio free download a series of tubes board game cheekygeeks geek month timid studio free download

What you will need to play:

Click this image to download & print your own copy!!

Click this image to download & print your own copy!!

Play is fairly straight-forward: Roll 2 dice, move whichever direction you want, collect 10 cookies to win!

Our game started off innocently enough, but a few of us started drinking….and then we started adding “house rules”…and it devolved in to something…well, something crazy…!! Mind you remember that my friends are avid D&Ders, so of course this became something complex, but it was so much fun!! (Rule #4 is ??? after all…!!) Here’s what we ended up adding on, in case you’re interested in it:

  • COOKIE BATTLES: At one point, someone landed on an already occupied square, & someone else thought it would be brilliant if they played Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock to battle for a cookie…so whomever won got to steal a cookie from the other player!At one point, we had one guy on a cookie space. Someone else landed on that same space, gained a cookie, then they battled. Guy who gained a cookie lost said cookie, & guy who was on the space to begin with stole that cookie that the other guy lost. Seem confusing? Not yet… right after that, we had a second guy land on that same space!! Therefore, he gained a cookie, & two cookie battles ensued….for a couple more rounds, as the hubs rolled enough to go in a circle back to the spot twice!! It was…it was flippin’ chaos, y’all.
  • INTERNET TROLL: At some point in to the game, Corey (the one not drinking, mind you) came up with…something even crazier. Called the Internet Troll, we assign each space with a number (or roll a dice for the troll…or make a spinner with numbered slots?!) who moves on each players turn in the direction of the closest player. If he lands on the same square as the player, he steals one of their cookies…because no one wins when you play against an internet troll. If you land on him, you can challenge him to a battle, but if you lose, you lose half your cookies!! (We may have had it set so that you lose half your cookies no matter what, now that I think about it…I can’t remember! :O )
  • THE RULE OF DOUBLES: You ever heard of the Monopoly rule that says if you roll doubles you get to go again? We did that? You recall how if you roll doubles 3 times you go directly to jail & must roll doubles to get back out? We did that, too, only we never hit doubles for the third time…if we had, we probably would have had a battle of some sorts.
  • CAPTCHA! SPACES: We designated that, if you landed on this space through your own moves or through a card, you could only roll once per turn. Mwahahahahahaha!!!

a series of tubes board game cheekygeeks geek month timid studio free download

There are so many variations we tossed around… honestly, we’ll probably come up with more as we play!! Make sure you share any ideas you come up with in the comments, too! Either way, it was a great amount of fun. Sadly, I did not win 10 cookies. 🙁 I kept getting them stolen!! [sobs]

As for my sad bit of news…

I had been working with a designer to get a wicked-sweet retro style game for y’all to play right here on the site. However, something personal has come up with the gentleman I’ve been working with, & I do not know how long it will be before he is able to finish the game for me. [huge sigh] With that…tomorrow is a bit up in the air. I’m trying to see what I can scramble together, so send good vibes!!

We’ll see y’all again tomorrow for Free-for-all-Friday!
–Elise M. Gross

5 thoughts on “CheekyGeeks Board Game: A Series of Tubes!!

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  2. Can’t wait to print this out! We’re having a party with my friends from high school and this would be perfect for this occasion. By the way, I played the Retro Pixelz game and loved it, super great work, Elise!

  3. Neat. I know a guy that makes board games like this. Yours is totally cool and something that I would totally play 🙂

  4. Thanks for the compliments, Ginger!! We may have come up with some crazy rules for the game, but it was all designed by Jeremy Kerns at Timid Studios (http://timid!! I’m sure he’d be thrilled to know folks are really enjoying his creation! 😀

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