Bake a Nyan Cat Poptart for Game Week

bake your own nyan cat poptart on cheekygeeks geek month game week Hey guys! I know we just wrapped up SPACE week, but this week kicks off GAMING WEEK, & this post is a great tie in for both!! 😀

I found the original recipe for this bad boy here at AmbyFelix but there are seriously a bazillion recipes online for all sorts of Nyan Cat goodies. (I think I’m gonna try some of those pixelated cookies soon!)

 My good friend Ally (a wonderful baker… bakeress?) of Knead A Cake helped out with this recipe (since I’m sort of new to pastries) & taught me a thing or two about frosting as well! (Of course, the hubs camealong as the official “taste tester”…!)

 Since I’ve linked the recipe we used, I won’t re-post it, but I will share some tips & changes we made! I took some video footage but I can’t seem to get it to embed properly…for now I made some super cute images. ;P

bake your own nyan cat poptart on cheekygeeks geek month game week

 We endedup making a much larger-than-the-recipe-calls-for version of our own. I didn’t photography it, but she ended up kneading the pie-crust in to a big ball & made it much larger.

   She also opted not to use lemon to make her royal frosting — the recipe from AmbyFelix says it makes it glossy, but according to Ally, it would look glossy enough without lemon, plus she hates lemons.

   She told me that egg whites are best to make royal frosting; if you leave the yolk in it’ll separate easier! Also, when whipping/mixing to make the frosting, you want your “peaks” to not move at ALL. (See photo, yo!)

bake your own nyan cat poptart on cheekygeeks geek month game week

We decided to make the pastry first, so that it could both bake & cool while we made the Nyan Cat face. We used a store-bought jelly/jam, but next time I plan to try making my own or getting a “homemade” jam from my canning friends. ;D Just a thin layer will suffice — if you put too much, it could pop right out of the pastry while baking!! :O Oh, my…!! Also, make sure that you “crimp” the sides with a fork or a ravioli cutter — if you fork it, make sure you press down firmly enough that it smooshes into the bottom layer, but don’t press so hard that the fork ends up cutting through to the pan! Oh, plus… DO NOT forget to poke plenty of holes in to the top portion of the pastery so that it doesn’t explode/ooze out/&c.

bake your own nyan cat poptart on cheekygeeks geek month game week

She used a dedicated baking ruler to make straight lines in the pie crust & then cut it with a large slicer.

Regarding the face portion, after she made the royal frosting, she used toothpicks to add small amounts of food colouring to the frosting. She used toothpicks because a little goes a very long way, & it’s always better to add too little than to add too much. Fold the colour in to the frosting & viola! Make sure the frosting is separated before adding the colours, obvs.


   She taped the picture under the parchment paper & outlined before filling it in. She went back over with toothpicks to make sure the bottom got filled in, since the image reverses once you pull off the parchment paper, making the bottom become the top for a nice flat look. (By the way, make sure you print your image in reverse to compensate for this effect — we didn’t & ended up with a backwards Nyan Cat!!) She did each colour one-at-a-time before moving to the next colour, so black outline first, fill in, then white, fill in, then pink…&c.

As a note: DO NOT put your royal frosting Nyan Cat head in to the freezer to firm it! Once you take it out & it begins cooling to room temperature, it sort of…well, it melts. >.< Yes, I saw it happen with her “practice” head! Eeep!

   After everything set, we frosted the now-cooled-pastery, topped it with little pink sugary-sprinkles, then added the head, affixing it with frosting, of course! YUM! It didn’t last long…actually, before I had finished photographing my dearest love had already started digging in to it. xD What a man…

What do y’all think??
We’ll see you tomorrow for another awesome Treasury Tuesday!!
— Elise M. Gross

4 thoughts on “Bake a Nyan Cat Poptart for Game Week

  1. This is no quick dessert for sure, haha! Do you have any suggestions on how can I simplify the design to use it for some cookies? There’s no way I can get that much detail in there, not with my skills.

    • Hey Sabine — we haven’t made this in to cookies — never even thought of it!! But that’s such a neat idea, I’ll definitely look in to this. We’ll put our heads together & see what we can come up with — it shouldn’t be too hard!! Thanks for the feedback!

  2. Um, you are very talented and stuff 🙂 I love your recipes, you explain them well and most of them are very easy to do!

    • Thanks Vanessa, that’s very sweet!! :3 I’m glad to know folks find them enjoyable! (And easy!! I do try to keep it simple!)

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