A History of American Comics

In case you forgot what it looks like, here's the badge!    Welcome to the 1st week of our 2nd annual Geek Month here on CheekyGeeks!! 😀 Last year, y’all met the wonderful Jeremy Kerns, creator of The Garage webcomic & Timid Studios. (( Check out his contributions from year one here, here, & the bottom of here! )) Well, this year, be prepared for even more awesome, as Mr. Kerns has taken each weeks theme & ran off with them like Wil Wheaton runs off with/collects dice. First up…COMICS!

Introducing: A History of American Comics*

— An Infograph for your brainsphere —
(( Click for full image ))


   There now, dontchya feel smarter already? ;D

Tune in tomorrow for Treasury Tuesday — comic themed, of course!! 😀

Cheers!! — Elise M. Gross


7 thoughts on “A History of American Comics

    • Haha YES it’s great, right?? 😀 I love Jeremy’s work — he’s amazing!! I think I may print this out & hang it on my desk at work! 😀 The last entry regarding his comic strip cracked me up. Oh, self deprecating humour..! Luckily, we do more than just shrug at it here. 😉

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  2. I knew comic books started a long time ago but I didn’t know it was that long. I’m kinda new to this comic book thing so I joined all the groups I could find, I want to build a huge collection, one that will make my son proud!

    • Heya Steve & welcome! I appreciate the feedback! I’m glad you learned some new stuff from this research!! 😀 Good luck on your collection!!

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