Exodus or Fallout D20

Those of you who know me well (or follow me, I suppose!) know my love of Dungeons & Dragons. Right now I’m involved with 2 separate campaigns — a D&D 3.5 & a Pathfinder one.

Previously, I’ve posted links to excellent places to get some wicked sweet character sheets, but sometime this year I’m hoping to run my own campaign based off of D&D Modern — specifically, one based in Bethesda’s world of Fallout. Now, the Fallout D20 setup has been changed to “Exodus” due to legal issues, but for the most part, other than name changes, they’re exactly the same. However, I am a HUGE fan of the Fallout world, so my campaign will be run in said world. Granted, this makes it a bit more difficult to locate materials for the game, but with enough searching you can still find tid-bits here & there…
With that said, I decided to revamp a rather…plain…character sheet I had found & reformat it the way I liked, while adding more fun graphics (like Vault Boy!) to the sheets. I haven’t finished the “vehicle” portion of the sheet, as I haven’t even decided if I want to include this aspect of the game… (anyone played D20 before that can give me some advice? I really hate the idea of having vehicles, but I recognise their usefulness.)

Here’s the Character Sheet I created for Fallout D20 — it’s a .pdf file so make sure you can open it! If you’d prefer another format, leave a comment & I’ll make it!

What do you guys think? Cute, huh? Don’t mind the fuzziness of some of the images; I could only work with what I could find. (Also, obvs, all Fallout logo, characters, &c. copyright Bethesda & respective owners.) Like I said, I’m still working on the vehicle page, but this is everything one would need otherwise!

Now I’m working on my maps; just wait’ll y’all see what I have planned! I got a MASSIVE board from work that I plan to recycle in to a 3-dimensional work of art world map… waaaay bigger than my last board (though that one is 2D, not 3D like this new one will be!) Woo-hoo!

— Elise M. Gross

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