Spring Vendor Fair Preparation

I’m a terrible blog mommy!! I’m so sorry little ones, I have failed you yet again… I forgot to post up the rest of those freebie FaceBook banners on Friday. 🙁 I’ll post them this week, I swear! In the meantime, however…

Spring has sprung! — & I am busier than those little birds & bees … I’m making soap. Oooooh, yes, it’s come again! Another vendor fair to prep for, huzzah! This time it’s the same location as the fall one I attend but it’s their first annual spring fair! Just in time for mother’s day, too. ;D

Handmade, geeky goodness in portable soap form! Click to buy.

Handmade, geeky goodness in portable soap form! Click to buy.

What? Of course I had to make some geeky soaps — geeky Mom’s get love, too! I also made an amazing TARDIS soap, & am working with a good friend who brews teas for a living to get an insanely awesome flower called the Pea Flower to acheive the TARDIS blue naturally. <3 Soooo excited for this. Also, did I mention I have 2 potential leads for selling my soaps in a store? One is one of those “all natural vegan/vegitarian/healthnut” stores, the other a comic book shop. Oh, yes, I went there..! Wish me luck!

What would I sell at a health store? Easy, my awesomely non-geeky-but-still-just-as-healthy soap bars! Like these gorgeous things:

Good enough to eat -- but don't eat it!! Click to buy.

Good enough to eat — but don’t eat it!! Click to buy.

Oh, sweet, sweet baby Jesus. Words cannot even begin to express the joy I had after making these little slabs of awesome. Seriously, guys — I’ve found my new love: making soap that looks good enough to eat. Mmmm-mmm!

Here’s how it came about: I was all mopey & sad over feeling like no one wanted my soap (I was basically throwing a pity party for myself) & Mr Geek told me to suck it up & go make some dang soap. (Not verbatim…!) So I went to go make a batch of my java soap, figuring it’d at least be something. I made up a big ol’ batch of goat’s milk soap, added in some French Vailla Coffee grounds, gave it a good stir, tossed in just a teensy little drop or two of my “amber cotton” scent, & then poured it in to my loaf mold, when suddenly…

Oh no!!! I realised then that I hadn’t made enough to fill the whole mold! As I watched the little coffee grounds float up to the “top” of the soap mix, it hit me: make another batch of just goat’s milk soap as a “foam” effect!! I felt like pure genius, guys. After allowing the bottom layer to set & mostly harden (the top-most “skin” of the bottom layer, at least) I rushed about in a giddy sort of tizzy, whipping up some more soap & adding just a pinch of coffee grounds to keep it white (but look like foam with cinnamon/coffee sprinkles). After it was ready, I held my breath, silently prayed that the bottom layer would hold steady (I’d have been kinda bummed if they had just mixed together in the end)… Huzzah! It held up! The white “foam” got poured on, & I was then tasked with practicing that ever-consuming task: having patience. I did poke back in every so often to sort of stir up the foam part, thereby “fluffing” it.)

After it was hardened enough, yet still soft enough to cut easily, I popped it out of the mold, sliced the bars in to 3.5oz-4oz segments, & proceeded to dance around my living room like a small faerie. Needless to say, Mr Geek gave me his patented “I told you so without telling you so, dummy” sort of looks. 😉

Seriously, though: Are these not, like, the tastiest soaps you’ve ever seen? (Hint: say YES!)


French Vanilla Coffee Soap

Nom-nom-nom!! Click for Etsy listing!

French Vanilla Coffee soaps

Seriouslylookit these guys!! Too cute!! Click for etsy listing. <3

I absolutely love how the coffee grounds that floated to the top formed a sort of strip in the middle. Sooooo fun!! (The box they’re in is one of my awesome & super cute Graze boxes, by the way.) Needless-to-say, I am way stoked to be making soaps again, & after posting these to Facebook & getting some awesome feedback, I feel super motivated to continue working towards that fair! Forward-ho!

So –!! What sort of fun soaps do y’all think I should give a try next??

— Elise M. Gross

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    • Bwahaha! Guess I shouldn’t let you around them, then! ;D Have y’all tried the Star Wars soap I gave you, yet? I promise they feel aweeeesoooome!!

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