Month-long Monday Madness

My cutie Chloe Bear properly sums up our collective feelings on Monday.

My cutie Chloe Bear properly sums up our collective feelings on Monday.

   Bleh. Mondays. I hate Mondays. We should just skip them all together; make it a part of a regular 3 day weekend. Think about it: happier workforce, better quality of life, & Monday’s will no longer be the most despised day of our week!
   As I am sure you have all no doubt noticed, I took a much needed month-long away from the blog-o-sphere… In all honesty, I’ve been having a tough time trying to sort out what I want to do with this blog. I love — LOVE! — the super awesome geeky crafts when I get a chance to do them, & the Geek Month last year was an incredible amount of fun. I do still plan on doing Geek Month this year (in August, to coincide with YouTube’s Geek Week), & I have some super fun stuff planned for September, plus the holidays.
   My main disappointment… well, it’s a couple of things, really. One: I feel like I don’t get enough response from readers. I know, I know, it’s not really important, or it shouldn’t be… but it kinda helps one feel motivated, you know? The weirdo thing is that I *have* a fairly steady readership!! I have my awesome stats page to prove it! A lot of the people coming in are directed from other blogs I follow or TX Women’s (from my  guest  post  pages). No one comments, though… It’s not super stressful, though, not as bad as…

   I never seem to have enough time. Seriously, this is the single most upsetting thing in my life. I have a steady job Monday through Friday, 8-5. When I get home, it’s clean house, work on orders for my Etsy shop or for the upcoming vendor fairs I’ll be hawking my wares at. Saturdays are filled with D&D goodness (which is a nice break from work but I still don’t get to do crafting!), & it’s just…aaah! Does anyone else feel this way? Honestly…it’s…it’s insane. I have been working on a system, though, so I think I’ll be able to start doing something each week, but if not, I’ll still have something to post. Which leads me to my next (semi)big announcement:

   Revamping the blog. “”AGAIN?!” you’re probably thinking. Don’t worry, nothing drastic — what I plan on doing, for now at least, is making this site less about the geeky crafts I do & focusing more on my experience through life as a geek who also happens to craft. xD Hehe!

    So what does this mean for the blog? Nothing, really. I’m going to post at least once a week, though what day who knows. I’ll also try to get some more Treasury Tuesday posts, along with a nifty badge for those who get featured. (Those are some of my highest viewed pages. Thanks for telling me to keep with it, Sevi.) I’ve finally learned how to make a budget for our household expenses, so now I’m teaching myself to mind a budget for my time.
   Man, being grown-up sort of sucks sometimes.
But hey, I get to drink whenever I want to. Speaking of, check back later this week for my awesome Mustache Margarita post & recipe! 😀

Kisses!! xoxo
— Elise M. Gross

4 thoughts on “Month-long Monday Madness

  1. Elle,

    You can do anything but you can’t do everything. Starting off with little things, like an honest assessment of what you need and do not need and some organization tweaks, will set you up to accomplish your goals more easily down the line. The first step is to change your mind- you’re really the only one who can- and the rest will follow. It may not be easy, but I don’t think that’ll stop you.

    Anyhow, my two cents are now paid. I anticipate great things from you and from your blog!

    • Awwwww I feel like…squishy now. 😀 Thanks C! You make a valid point, though — I have been trying to “cut the fat” regarding all of my extra hobbies and what-have-you. It won’t be getting any easier after classes start, too!! Looks like I’ll have to prioritize more effectively, too. 😉

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